Friday's Pieces

Friday’s pieces 1/27


  1. I finished the quilt square! What do you think? I didn’t plan very well so the zig zags are all going in different directions. Lesson learned. I really like the color scheme, though.
  2. Last weekend, I did the cleaning that is really hard to do when I’m home with Noah by myself. Stuff like cleaning under the beds and vacuuming baseboards. It wasn’t very fun, but it’s so much cleaner in the bedrooms now! I haven’t really done much in the guest room/sewing room/office/dumping ground yet. It’s so intimidating.
  3. On Wednesday, I did not really accomplish anything, except that quilt square. But it was just the day that I needed. It was heavy on friends: spending time with a friend, and talking to a couple friends on Skype that I haven’t talked to in for-ev-er! It filled me up, you might say.
  4. I have been trying to get up earlier (around 6:30, when Tim gets up) and get going without looking at Facebook for more than 5 minutes or so. Love it or hate it, Facebook’s algorithms for what you see at the top of your news feed does do a pretty good job. It used to suck up so much of my time, but I’m trying to cut back and use my time more wisely.
  5. I finally went through all the Pinterest emails (they send me a lot!) yesterday and went on a pinning spree! I got totally inspired to make some clothes. I think it’s time to wash all that fabric I got this spring before we moved and bust out those patterns. Stay tuned!
  6. What is better than breakfast food? Breakfast for dinner! Waffles, pancakes, crepes, and french toast are our favorites. What do you have when you eat breakfast for dinner?
  7. I finished scrapbooking our southeastern Asia trip, so all that’s left is Ireland and the bits and pieces of our 3 years in southern Italy last tour. The end of this project is in sight!
  8. I know that I’ve mentioned before how cold our house is. Using the fireplace seems to help a bit, but I’ve been having a hard time getting the wood to catch and stay lit. BUT I found these awesome things at the grocery store- they are like giant matches that burn for about 12 minutes, which is long enough to get everything else to finally catch. Hooray!
  9. Unfortunately, Noah came down with a cold yesterday. Kids are gross, ya know? We have a trip coming up next week, so I hope it’s a short cold and nobody else gets it.
  10. Happy weekend!

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