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DIY kimono


In all my pinning the other day, I came across a DIY kimono top. Now, normally I would just disregard it because I really don’t look good in floaty, formless clothes. But I had some fabric in my stash that I originally got for a skirt, but then never made it. I actually decided I didn’t like the fabric after all. It was a weird pattern and that kind of fabric that is super difficult to work with (I suspect rayon, but I really have no idea because it came from a store in Bahrain).

But… it was the perfect pattern and material for a kimono. And I was looking for something else to make with my new sewing machine before getting back to the same ol’ same ol’. I even got to try out a couple features on my new machine, like the overcast stitch and the narrow hem foot.

I got the pattern for a 1 hour kimono from Peabrain DIY  and you can find her tutorial here. This is a great tutorial, because it shows how to measure and it’s totally adaptable. Of course, it took me way longer than an hour as a result of the fabric being stupid and me trying out things on my machine before doing it for real. And of course, I can only sew during nap time.

If I had been more comfortable with the fabric I was using, I would have made it longer in the back. And if I had some kind of funky lace, I would have added that to the hem. But alas, the curse of living overseas.


Now I can’t wait until it’s warm enough to wear it!


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