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The problem of discontentment

I had planned to share a sewing project with you today, but instead of finishing it, I spent all weekend reading. I regret nothing. There’s always next week. I decided instead to share with you something that is on my heart. I’ve had several conversations lately about discontentment and then this morning my devotional was… Continue reading The problem of discontentment

Friday's Pieces

Friday’s pieces 2/20

I made brownies! Happy chocolate (Valentine’s) day! Up until now, Noah has hated chocolate (are you sure he’s mine?!?), but these he loved. Saturday night, I went downtown and had dinner with a friend. I thought about taking the train, but ended up driving. It was a little crazy, but I didn’t hit anything, so… Continue reading Friday’s pieces 2/20



A blogging friend (Valerie over at Living Lighter in Atlanta) nominated me for the Liebster award. I admit, I had no idea what that was so I googled it! Liebster means “sweetest, dearest” and a whole bunch of other wonderful words. Perfect for Valentine’s Day! It is an “award” that bloggers give each other when… Continue reading Liebster