Another week, another adventure

Hi, everyone! Can I tell you about our fun adventure in a tiny European country?

We started out in Germany, near Frankfurt. But that’s not important, because besides a giant pork knuckle and some excellent spaetzle (a kind of egg noodle), Tim spent his time working and I spent my time watching Parenthood. Because American Netflix.

On Friday, we drove to Luxembourg, stopping at a castle called Burg Eltz. Unfortunately, it was closed for the winter, but it was a nice drive out there and a beautiful walk through the woods to see the castle.


Seriously, how is he that cute?

That night, we ended up in Vianden, Luxembourg. We went to a schnitzel/kebap place and I had the Hawaiischnitzel, i.e. amazingness. I guess it could be described as a creamy Hawaiian pizza on a schnitzel.

On Saturday, it rained pretty hard all day. We toured the castle in Vianden, which was pretty cool.


Then we took a drive through the countryside of northern Luxembourg, visiting the towns of Clervaux and Esch-sur-Sûre. It was raining pretty hard and Noah was sleeping in his car seat, so we didn’t stop for more than a couple pictures out the windshield. The drive was along a river and through the mountains, and it was so beautiful. When you think of traditional German towns, that’s what Luxembourg looks like (with a little French thrown in).


Sunday we drove down to Luxembourg City, saw the Grund (the canal that runs through the city), and walked around the Old Town. Everything was closed because it was Sunday, but the city is very beautiful, so we enjoyed it anyway.

Have I told you about Honey Bear? She is a little stuffed bear someone gave me years ago as a traveling bear. She has been photographed having many adventures like riding elephants and seeing the tallest building in the world. But her biggest adventures have been trying not to get lost when Tim gets ahold of her. He rolls his eyes EVERY time I take her out. She happened to be in my purse when we stopped for an afternoon snack at a bakery and Noah pulled her out. Tim hid her behind his back as a joke and I forgot all about her! Fortunately, he remembered to grab her, but didn’t tell me until he had teased me about losing her. Thankfully, Honey Bear will continue to see the world with me. Here she is in Luxembourg City’s square called Place de’Armes. And a random passerby did laugh at me while I was taking this picture.



9 thoughts on “Another week, another adventure

    1. Thank you! Honey Bear started as a teacher thing (I was a teacher before I had a kid) but she is now a history of our travels. It’s a fun way to share the adventures we’ve had. Thanks for following my blog! I think we read the same types of books. 🙂

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