Friday's Pieces

Friday’s pieces 2/13


  1. Another Luxembourg gem… Anyone have any rotten tomatoes?
  2. While Tim is out of town with the newish computer, I have been using my 7 year-old laptop. And I think it is time for it to die. I uninstalled a bunch of programs in hopes that it would get faster, but no. It’s painful, seriously. The worst part is that it won’t recognize the printer, so I spent an hour and a half the other day driving to base to print and pay the internet bill. Arrrrgh!
  3. I ended up with a sinus infection after my cold and I’m just coming out the other side of it. With a bad cough, pounding headache, chills, and a runny nose, it was rough there for a couple days. I’m on the mend, though!
  4. Remember when I was saying I was going to start using my cookbooks in my meal planning? Well, the aforementioned headache happened to be while I was planning out the next two weeks. Needless to say, my menu looks like Monday: frozen pizza, Tuesday: tacos (with frozen taco meat), Wednesday: frozen meal… I do have one new recipe on the menu, Green Bean & Mushroom Mac Casserole, as a Valentine’s Day meal. That was probably because I had cut it out of a magazine and it was sitting on the table next to me.
  5. In all my cleaning I’ve been doing, there is one room I have avoided- the guest room/sewing room/office/general storage room. After a rather severe self-pep talk, I got down to it yesterday. Of course, it’s going to take more than one day to finish (even with Noah’s 4 hour nap! Is he growing????), but there is improvement on the sewing side of it. I took a “during” picture (I always forget to take “before”) thinking I would share it with you, but it’s scary. You don’t want to see that!
  6. My box of scraps that I’m collecting to make a crazy quilt has expanded from a shoe box to a medium-sized amazon box. And in a box that I thought only had yarn in it and therefore never opened, I found the beginnings of a quilt a friend gave me years ago. They have some fabulous vintage-y fabric, and I can’t wait to keep going on it! (Thanks Lisa!)
  7. On our visit to Burg Eltz last week, we discovered the hard way that Noah doesn’t pick up his feet very well when he walks. About 30 seconds into the short walk to the castle and he tripped on a rock, landed in the mud, and skinned his nose. Poor kid!
  8. I think Netflix heard me complaining last week. It seems to be trying a little… In the last week, they added the new season of both Jane the Virgin and New Girl. Noah and I have started watching Full House (the old one) and he gets so excited when Michelle does something cute. I think he says something like “Oh look, a baby! She made a joke!”
  9. And I decided I cannot live without finishing Parenthood, so I started scouring eBay and Amazon. I found a set on Amazon for $31. Done! They aren’t currently in stock, but hopefully soon. I wouldn’t mind watching this show over and over, so I like the idea of owning it.
  10. Any fun weekend plans? I’m going out to dinner with a good friend tomorrow. And I have GOT to finish that scary room! My motivation is that I told myself I would make a piece of clothing in these couple weeks, but the room has to be clean first. I have some really cute white and black polka dot fabric all washed and just waiting to be a shirt. Wish me luck!

3 thoughts on “Friday’s pieces 2/13

  1. Ugh, sorry you’ve been sick! Sinus infections are no fun. :/ “After a rather severe self-pep talk, I got down to it yesterday. ” – lol!
    Hey, I nominated you for the Liebster award. ^_^ Come check out my most recent post for the all the info!


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