A blogging friend (Valerie over at Living Lighter in Atlanta) nominated me for the Liebster award. I admit, I had no idea what that was so I googled it! Liebster means “sweetest, dearest” and a whole bunch of other wonderful words. Perfect for Valentine’s Day! It is an “award” that bloggers give each other when they love reading someone else’s blog. It’s also a way of getting to know someone, and tagging new blogs helps you find new blogs to follow. We are supposed to answer some questions and ask new questions to other bloggers. Unfortunately, I’m just getting into the blogosphere, so the buck stops here!

Here are my questions:

  1. What’s something in your life that is unexpected? I never expected to be where I am today. I knew I wanted to travel, but I never expected to actually be living overseas and have the ability to travel so extensively. And in general, my life is kind of unexpected. I start getting into a routine and then Tim calls and says “Hey, do you want to go to Germany with me next week? I’ll buy you a ticket right now!”
  2. Are you following the same religious beliefs that you grew up with? Yes. I grew up in a Christian home and I have put my faith in Jesus. He has been a wonderful rock to lean on when those unexpected and stressful times feel like they are more than I can bear.
  3. What is a special calendar date for you that has nothing to do with marriage, birth, or death? What happened on that date? Huh, that’s actually a really hard question! I don’t know if this really counts as “not marriage”, but there was a series of three days in late December 2006 when we were in Canada for snowboarding. Tim and I were still just friends, but we had a lot of fun going to a hockey game, snowboarding, and going to the movies, all culminating in us beginning our dating relationship on New Year’s Eve. With the military being unpredictable, NYE is kind of a second anniversary for us. He also proposed December 29th the next year (it was going to  be NYE, but he didn’t wait). Fun fact: we had our “let’s start dating” conversation on New Year’s Day in Spokane, Washington, while on a walk in the riverside park. My brother and his wife had had the same conversation in the same park on the same day a few years earlier!
  4. Have you ever struggled with anxiety, depression, or another another emotional issue? What technique, person, and/or treatment did you find the most beneficial? I believe I struggled with some postpartum depression brought on by nursing difficulties. We were fine until Noah was about 4 months old and then it became an issue. I didn’t realize until much later that he has a lip tie which made it difficult for him to latch, painful for me, and detrimental to my milk supply. I really beat myself up for not being able to feed my kid “like I was supposed to, like everyone else does”. I got very angry at myself, and pretty much every feeding ended with both of us in tears. He wouldn’t drink formula, and he was losing a lot of weight. Once I finally found a formula he would drink, then I had to get over the guilt of not nursing him. I actually hated nursing, but I felt like it was something I was supposed to do. Why do we do this to ourselves and each other? Why so much “mom guilt”? I think my best “treatment” was to realize that I was doing what was best for me and my baby. Encouragement from friends and the “you do you and I’ll do me” attitude is what helped dig me out of the hole.
  5. When was the last time that you felt a sense of wonder and/or awe? Um, all the time? I’m in awe at how Noah has been growing and developing. Sometimes I just think “He used to be nothing, I birthed him, and he can do that?!” I’m often in awe at the things I see outside- a beautiful sunset, amazing scenery. God is certainly an artist!

And now, a question! I’m going to make something, but I can’t decide what to make first. Halp me! Which thing, which fabric, which pattern?




One thought on “Liebster

  1. I love the skirt pattern! I think the polka dot print would be cute. ^_^
    Thanks for answering the questions – I enjoyed getting to know you better. And, boy, children certainly bring about a sense of wonder, don’t they?!

    Liked by 1 person

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