Pinning lately

A couple weeks ago, I went on a pinning spree! Well, ok, I actually cleaned out all the Pinterest emails from my email inbox. There were a lot! But I got some great ideas.


I found a bunch of free patterns and went a little crazy! I think I’m going to need some more fabric. Oh darn. This little black dress, this simple t-shirt dress, and this gorgeous day date dress.

Then 100+ easy summer dresses and the same for skirts. And free t-shirt sewing patterns. Make your own pajama bottoms!!

Free summer sewing patterns. I really love the dress and the shirt on the bottom.


This quilt. Wouldn’t this be fun on a toddler bed?


And I love scrappy quilt squares and bright colors, isn’t this so pretty?



S’mores cookies because yes.

Did you know you can make rice krispie treats with other cereals? I am so making these Lucky Charms treats for St. Patrick’s Day! Besides, how cute and cheerful are they?


This crock pot butter chicken. We haven’t had Indian food in a while, so I tried this. Tim loved it! I wouldn’t give it to Noah, though, it was pretty spicy.

Chex mix made in the crock pot? I’ve been planning to make this for a while, I just haven’t gotten around to it. But I love that it would be so easy!

Crock pot pork chops and potatoes. I made this for Tim on a night I wasn’t going to be home and he really liked it. It was super easy, too.

Asiago Bisque. There is an entire section of our grocery store devoted to cheese. Asiago has become one of our favorites. So a soup made out of it? Yes, please!


OMG, this dress! Really, I love the whole outfit, but the dress is amazing!



Books to read if you love Gilmore Girls. Of course, I’m always looking for a good book!

I don’t normally pin home ideas because we move so much. BUT, I love this wall.



These fruit and veggie smoothie muffins. Noah is eating some dairy now, but I’m always glad to find a recipe that is non-dairy AND has fruits and veggies. I have the ingredients, but I have yet to make these. Maybe today?

And that’s all! Have you pinned anything great lately?

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