The adventures of Honey Bear

I introduced you briefly to my traveling bear, Honey Bear, in a recent post. Several people mentioned what a fun idea it was and how cute she is. She sends her thanks.

Today, I wanted to share some of her other adventures with you!

Before she came to live with me, she had been to China, Australia, and Mozambique. It started as a sort of “Flat Stanley” kind of project with a school in America. Tim and I were going to Italy and France on our honeymoon, so my friend gave me Honey Bear to continue her travels. She accompanied us to Europe, became a fixture in my classroom, and went on small adventures with us in the States.

Shoshone Falls, Idaho; the Space Needle, Seattle, Washington

Then we moved to Europe for the first time. She got to visit so many interesting places! The school I taught in required me to change my bulletin boards every month, and each month highlighted a different NATO country. As we traveled, Honey Bear’s pictures were incorporated into my bulletin boards. She often visited my classroom and the students loved her. (Here she is rocking her Carnevale mask, doing math, and playing on the jungle gym.)


She has gone with us around Europe…

The Leaning Tower of Pisa, Italy; The Eiffel Tower, Paris; Neuschwanstein Castle, Germany; Stari Most, Mostar, Bosnia

She went to England and Wales… and met Shakespeare!


She went hiking in Cinque Terre, saw Mt. Etna erupt in Sicily, and watched elephants take baths in Thailand.


Then we moved to the Middle East and she saw the Burj Khalifa in Dubai (the tallest building in the world, outside the largest mall in the world), the Bahrain fort, and the Bahraini king’s camel farm.


She accompanied us on our trip through southeast Asia.

Halong Bay, Vietnam; a Buddah statue in Nepal; the temple of Borobudur, Indonesia; on the beach in Bali, Indonesia

She even went to Mars! (Or at least a Mars exhibit at a museum.)


And if there’s any doubt that Tim is mean to her, take a look at these.

Right before she took a swim in the Mediterranean; Flying in Sapa, Vietnam; doing upside down exercises in Croatia

It is such a fun tradition!


10 thoughts on “The adventures of Honey Bear

  1. Love seeing all your pictures with or without Honey Bear! I think Tim is mean too .. poor honey bear!! ..grrrrr…and the people who laff at you just don’t understand ! Does Noah like honey bear?


    1. Thank you! Honey Bear hasn’t gotten lost yet, so it’s still kind of funny that he’s mean to her. Once Tim was really embarrassed that I was taking a picture of Honey Bear and then two minutes later, we saw somebody else taking a picture of HER bear with her husband looking embarrassed. 🙂 Noah seems to like her, that’s how she almost got lost in Germany!


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