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A new skirt

I’ve been very into making goals this year. I’ll make goals for the day, goals for a week or specific amount of time, goals for the year. I made a list of goals to accomplish while Tim was gone, and I actually did pretty well. One of those goals was to make a piece of clothing. Last week, I asked you all what I should make from the patterns and fabric that I have on hand. The vote came back for the flowy knit skirt.

So I present to you, a flowy knit skirt.


So fun and perfect for this summer! I used the Simplicity 1201 pattern, and it was really easy. There is also an option for a skirt that is all one length, and I think I need to order more fabric and make that one too. I didn’t have 1″ elastic, only 3/4″, so the waistband is a little weird, but still fine. If I did it again, I would probably not hem it on the bottom, but just leave the raw edge. The “wrong” side of the fabric is white, so the hem is super obvious. These are all such little things, though, and I love how fun this skirt is.



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