Friday's Pieces

Friday’s pieces 2/27

Trevi Fountain
  1. I had a surprise girls’ day out trip to Rome on Sunday with a friend. We took the train up there and met with some of her friends who live there/nearby. There was a brunch and some sightseeing and a lot of prosecco. And no baby. It was a great day! Moms just need to recharge sometimes, ya know?
  2. There was a notice on our gate that our power was supposed to be out for between 9 and 3 on Thursday. I had contingency plans (going out to lunch), mostly so I wouldn’t have to open the refrigerator. Then I spent all day waiting for the power to go out. It went out for a total of about 2 minutes just before 3. It is very possible that the notice actually said “It is possible for the power to be out any time between 9 and 3” and my translation skills failed me yet again.
  3. I finally finished that cleaning/devotional book I was reading. My house feels generally so much cleaner and lighter. And I learned what’s best for me in terms of a cleaning schedule, so I count it as a win all around.
  4. Tim had the day off on Tuesday, and he went with me to go grocery shopping. I tend to stick to my list fairly well and then we end up not having much food around except what is going to be made into dinner. I swear, Tim sees things at the store that I don’t see, so we ended up with an overflowing cart and a ton of food for more than just my planned dinners.
  5. He took Noah to the park (we were on base) and let me go to the library by myself. Usually, I’m trying to keep Noah quiet and keep him from ripping books off the shelves so I just grab the first book that looks semi-interesting and sprint for the door. This time I got to browse, which was fantastic! I ended up with a variety of fiction and non-fiction books that I’m looking forward to diving into (I’ve got to finish Jane Eyre first). Time to learn some new stuff!
  6. I got my hair cut on Wednesday (Noah’s too) and I’m so glad, I was starting to feel like a shaggy dog. The guy who cuts my hair speaks perfect English and comes to my house. It’s perfect because after he cuts Noah’s hair, I can put him down for a nap and get my hair cut in peace. He even spent about half an hour teaching me some hairstyling tricks. I think I need to get on YouTube and find some more tricks.
  7. Speaking of YouTube, I know I mentioned a long time ago how I was watching  The Lizzie Bennet Diaries videos, which is a modern retelling of Pride and Prejudice. There are 100 of them, and this summer I got to about 50, got distracted, and kind of forgot about them. BUT I started binge watching them again and finished yesterday. So fantastic and addicting! If you love P&P, I highly recommend them.
  8. I finally got my act together and my menu for the next couple weeks has some new recipes found in physical cookbooks, rather than just on Pinterest. I decided recently that my cookbooks need to be used more often, to make it worth me having them and moving them around the world with me. This time I used a budget chicken/ground beef recipe book and a 100 best chicken recipes book. I brag about this, but so far I have made a freezer meal from a long time ago, breakfast for dinner, and salads. This weekend, though!
  9. If you were an animal, what would you be? I would definitely be a cat. Every afternoon, I make a cup of tea, get a book, and find myself a sunpatch. Is that weird?
  10. Any fun weekend plans? I think I will take advantage of Tim being home to finally clean the laundry room. It shares a wall with Noah’s room, so I can’t do it while he’s sleeping. He’s been very clingy when he’s awake and the room is too small for cleaning AND a toddler. It’s the last room and then my intense cleaning will be done!

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