February books

Some months I read 6 books and some months I read Jane Eyre. In my defense, it’s a very long book and so deep. I can’t just run my eye over the page like a modern chic lit book. It made me laugh, it made me cry, it made me want to smack men in general upside the head.


Also, I have discovered memes for classic books. That in itself is motivation to read more classics.

Jane Eyre by Charlotte Brontë. I don’t even know how to summarize this book! It’s a classic and I suspect most of you have read it. If you haven’t, you should. There’s a depressing school, rich people, a crazy lady, and a man who’s worse than Mr. Collins. So instead of a summary, here are some of the thoughts I had while reading Jane Eyre. “Seriously, someone needs to call CPS on this school!” “Jane is just so efficient and has things so together! Wait, never mind.” “Oh, Jane…” “‘If you don’t marry me, you’ll be going against God’s will.’ Seriously? What kind of proposal is that!?”


Ok, moving on…

Having a Martha House the Mary Way: 31 Day to a Clean Home and a Satisfied Soul by Sara Mae. I started this the beginning of January, and I finally finished! I have seriously talked about this book enough and you’re probably tired of hearing about it, amiright? But in case you’ve missed everything else I have said about it… this book is part devotional, part guided cleaning. It is super encouraging and really helped me face some of the things I had been ignoring. I had been wanting to do a deep cleaning/purging, and this gave me a place to start. It also helped me develop a plan for how to keep my house clean(ish). I highly recommend this book!

Scrappy Little Nobody by Anna Kendrick. I needed a light read after Jane Eyre, you know? This was in the new book section at the library (we’re a little behind here) and I love Anna Kendrick’s acting (and we have the same first name! You didn’t really think my parents named me Rosebud, did you?), so I grabbed it. She’s funny and grounded and not afraid to talk about anything. I have actually read several books by actresses this year, and I like reading them because it’s a good reminder that no matter how famous people are, they are still normal people who do normal people things. And I would love to meet her. I feel like we would be friends and not just because of the name thing!

And a kids’ book… A Crash of Rhinos and Other Wild Animal Groups By Greg Danylyshyn. Ostensibly, I got this library book for Noah, but really it was for me. Not gonna lie. It’s a rhyming book (our favorite kind of kids’ book) and each page is a different name for groups of animals (a tower giraffes, a sleuth of bears, a committee of vultures, etc.). Of course, they are doing silly things like solving mysteries or deciding on lunch! A great book for older kids, maybe 3rd grade-ish?

What have you been reading lately?


8 thoughts on “February books

  1. LOL, what a funny texting conversation! 😀
    I like the sound of the Martha/Mary book, glad you enjoyed it!
    I’m reading three books at the moment; an Etsy how-to, a novel by Katherine Center called “Happiness for Beginners,” and a collection of short stories by Jacob Appel. I’m enjoying them all so far. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Possssssibly, lol. But what’s cool is that the techniques and suggestions in the book can totally be applied to blogging as well, so it’s a great read!


      2. Do you have an amazon account and a Kindle? Or Kindle app on your computer? The book is called Etsy Excellence and is $2.99USD as an eBook. 🙂


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