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DIY hooded towels


Here is the project I promised you! Ok, fine, I actually promised you this back before Christmas, but I wanted to do another one so I could show you the process.

You know those adorable hooded towels you get for babies? We have some regular ones and a super cute duck one… and then my giant child outgrew them. Did I mention that he is 19 months old and I’m working on collecting size 3T clothes because at any moment he will outgrow 2T? He’s large, I tell you.

I like the idea of hooded towels, but it took two of those baby towels to dry him off. Browsing Pinterest one day I ran across a tutorial for making your own hooded towels. Oh my gosh, you guys, it’s so easy! I got some giant IKEA towels so they will fit him until he’s 2. Just kidding. Or am I?

These are highly customizable and you can make them with animal faces or monsters or super heroes if you want. I made Noah a blue bunny towel and then his cousins a pink bunny and a white kitty for Christmas. Aren’t these adorable?


The tutorial below is a green dinosaur. (What else do you do with towels that shade of green?) I would highly recommend using a heavy duty needle for this project. Towels are not the easiest thing to sew because they are so thick. I didn’t on the first towel and broke three needles. Not even kidding.


coordinating hand towel and bath towel
sewing machine
If you’re doing a face: white fabric for the eyes, black for the pupils, and interfacing.

First, fold the hand towel in half like a hamburger (as opposed to a hot dog!) and cut along the fold. You’re only using half the towel. (My half a towel is a little larger than the average because IKEA towel are huge, even the hand towels.) Then take the wide finished edge, fold it over about 4 inches, and sew across.


Fold it in half with the raw edges together and cut a triangle off the top of the folded side (mine was about 3 inches). Otherwise you end up with a pointy hood and it looks weird.


Then if you’re doing a face, do it now. There are tons of ideas on Pinterest! I cut out eyeballs and pupils, with matching interfacing, which I ironed on. This helps stabilize it. Then I zigzagged all the way around. If you are doing ears or horns or something, cut a hole the same size, cram it through, and zigzag shut. For all the ears and spikes, I used either the other half of the hand towel or a leftover piece from another towel. I also sewed the pieces together, then turned it inside out. Towels shred like crazy, so be warned! I swear a Smurf blew up in my sewing room!

Fold the hood in half with the wrong side facing out and sew up the raw edge. For this dinosaur, the spikes are along the raw edge and get sewn up with the seam.


Find the middle of the bath towel, match it to the middle of the hood, pin, and sew. Make sure to sew the hood to the inside of the towel or it looks weird. Been there, done that.


You’re done! Isn’t that cute?



8 thoughts on “DIY hooded towels

  1. That is so cute!
    Elizabeth, at eight months old, requires two of the typical baby towels – it’s ridiculous! Thanks for sharing this, I need to make her a few of these!


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