March goals checkup


Back in August, I made some goals for this year, things I wanted to accomplish or ways I wanted to improve myself. Writing them down here for all to see has actually helped me stay more accountable. I mean, I told you I was going to do those things, so I should probably do them, right?

Anyway, let’s take a look at how I’m doing, mmmkay?

Daily devotions. This is one thing I have done since day 1 (by that, I mean August). I have read several books, as well as Psalms and Proverbs. I feel like it gives me a grounded start to the day.

More cooking. Geez, how’s that for a vague goal? I have been trying new recipes, and I’m starting to use my cookbooks more. (More on that another day.) Otherwise, they are just taking up space in my kitchen. I’m also not being as strict about limiting Noah’s dairy intake, which is helping to make meals more interesting. I am also working on coming up with meals that can be made or prepped in the morning or during nap time. Toddlers are fun, aren’t they?

Sewing and blog. I have posted religiously 3 times a week (the goal I set for myself. Hurray!), but I’ve been in a rut lately. Or a phase, maybe? I made that skirt and the towel, but other than that, I have been uninspired. BUT… the other day I was sorting fabric and came up with a great idea for a quilt! I’m still in the planning stage, but it will be coming soon!

Pilates 3x a week. Ever since setting this goal, I have not done one lick of Pilates. Last week I downloaded the YouTube app on the playstation and I’ve actually been doing it! It’s easier to have it on the tv than on the iPad or computer. I think one of my biggest road blocks was that I hate changing my clothes during the day and I feel so unproductive when I’m wearing yoga pants. The last few days I have been doing Pilates right when I get up in the morning, before my shower. I’ve been enjoying it (even with the pain. Man, I’m out of shape.) and I hope this is a workable solution.

Read 100 books. Well, I’m at 27, I believe, so that’s not gonna happen. But I have really enjoyed keeping a list of what I have read and then summarizing them here on the blog. Besides, 100 is totally unrealistic. Have you ever met a toddler?

Get conversational in Italian. Part of that is grammar and vocabulary. I finished an Italian book! I’ve never done that before. I feel very accomplished. Also, Tim and I have been doing a lot of vocabulary lately. So more practice practice practice.

Make mommy friends. I have made some really great friends here, many of which live close to me. Yay!

Having Noah adventure time. For the most part, I think I’ve given up. I mentioned his weird sleeping habits last week. He doesn’t get up until 11 most days and if I try to get him up earlier, he’s grumpy. Everything closes here between about 1 and 4 in the afternoon, so that makes it difficult too. I think this goal will have to be postponed until my kid isn’t so weird! (Today is an exception: It’s Women’s Day and all sights and attractions are free for women. So we’re going downtown on the train to see a famous statue in a church.)

Did you make goals at some point in the last year? How are you doing with them?


6 thoughts on “March goals checkup

  1. You have amazing goals and you’re doing well with them. Keep up the good work. My main goal now is to take care of my health and to be okay. I’m fighting depression so I’m trying to focus on my well being. Which very difficult for a type A personality who thinks she needs to be mommy to every single family member and friend.

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  2. Well done!! I’ve been doing a great job with certain goals and not so great with others. 😉 My main success has been trying new recipes while my biggest flop has been exercise. I’m working on changing that, though! Keep up the great work!! ^_^


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