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The beginning of something amazing

Do you remember how last week I told you that I came up with a great idea for a quilt? Well, I have started working on my first kaleidoscope quilt! I searched Pinterest so much for examples that now they send me emails of kaleidoscope quilts. I’ve been itching to make a quilt, but had no ideas and no motivation. Then I saw a kaleidoscope quilt and decided to go for it. It feels amazing. This definitely deserves to be categorized under “OMG!”.

The first step was to do my quilt map.


As you can see, it is pretty complicated. I’ve never mapped out a quilt quite like this before. But as I was laying out the pieces yesterday, I realized there was no way I could have done it without a map. It was difficult, even with it!

I used the map to count the number of pieces I needed in each solid color, cut them all, and then laid them out. Of course, I miscounted and ended up missing some at the end, but it will be an easy fix.

Just a note: If you plan to make a quilt map like this, especially for a complicated quilt with lots of colors, I highly recommend using high quality colored pencils, like Crayola or Prismacolor, so the lead is the same color as the barrel. I learned the hard way (here’s looking at you, RoseArt).

Anyway, here is the beginning of this kaleidoscope quilt. There are still some holes that need to be filled and I haven’t yet figured out what color to do on the edges that aren’t part of a circle, but that’s coming next. Once all the solids are cut and placed, I will be using patterned material for the other half of each block. I think it looks super busy right now, but it will be fabulous when it’s all sewn together.


Here’s the audience participation part. Do you see any circles that look weird? I’ve been staring at it so long, I’m going cross-eyed. I need fresh eyes! I’m not gonna lie, you may need to squint a little. (I know about the weird blue corner piece in the middle. That’s a mistake, and I put it like that so I won’t forget to fix it. I blame my colored pencils.) Thanks!


7 thoughts on “The beginning of something amazing

  1. Oh my!! What a detailed project! I can see the circles, but I don’t think I can be any help on which ones look right, it’s HARD for my eyes to stare like that! (I blame my astigmatism) and they start protesting and telling me to look away! lol

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