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Walk of the Gods


About an hour away from us is our favorite hike, Sentiero degli Dei (Walk of the Gods). It is a 7 km path through vineyards and with amazing views along the top of the Amalfi Coast. We love it so much that Tim has done it 11 times and I have done it 7! Saturday’s weather was perfect for a hike, so there we were, again visiting the familiar trail.


Tim is a champ for carrying Noah the entire way! That kid is heavy.

It gets pretty hot in the summer, so we do the majority of our hiking between October and May. Usually the hike also includes a picnic lunch with lots of cheese and wine. Because of course.

It is a fairly challenging hike and the last kilometer is 2,000 stairs down to the road. I’m telling you, my calves are still feeling it! Here’s an example of what we look like halfway down (this was taken a few years ago).


This picture of Noah on the bus is a perfect description of how we always feel after doing this hike.


Walk of the Gods has been some of my favorite memories from living in Italy. So many of my favorite pictures were taken on this hike.




We love going and taking friends and relatives who come to visit. So be warned, if you visit us, we’ll probably make you go on a hike. But don’t worry, it’ll be amazing.


Every time we go, we say “Maybe we should try doing a different hike this time.” Then we look at each other and say “Nah”. Why mess with a good thing, ya know?


6 thoughts on “Walk of the Gods

  1. How beautiful!! I’m not a big fan of hiking (hip issues) but the scenery almost looks worth the pain, lol!
    Your hubby has a strong back to be able to hike with a toddler on him!


    1. I’m not gonna lie, I’m still sore! I did something to my knee a few years ago, and the only time is acts up is on the way down those 2000 stairs. But the view totally makes it worth it.


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