Friday's Pieces

Friday’s pieces 03/31

  1. Some of the gems I sent my mom last night. The bottom right picture was labeled “Behold, I give you Destructo-Baby”.
  2. Where did March go? Seriously.
  3. Europe does its change to Daylight Savings at different times than America. We changed times this last weekend. Just kill me now. The only positive was that there were fewer kids in Sunday school to hear my lame lesson on Daniel in the lions’ den.
  4. We ended up doing Walk of the Gods on Saturday. My calves still hurt from those 2,000 stairs at the end.
  5. Yesterday was Tim’s birthday. I am now suddenly “practically 34”. I’M ONLY SIX MONTHS OLDER!
  6. Probably the only thing I dislike about spring is the spider mites. You know those teeny tiny little red spider bugs that are everywhere in the spring? If you step on one, it makes a surprisingly huge puddle of blood for something that small. For about a month, just going outside looks like a murder scene. Well, they are slowly starting to show up. Boo!
  7. I’m pretty sure Noah’s newest phrase is “Me up!” It sounds like “Me ah” but the raised arms and the determined look on his face are a big clue.
  8. In general, this week was not at all what I expected. There were disappointments and doctor visits. The house is filthy and dinners were lame. But I gave myself some grace and did a lot of reading and my quilt is almost completely cut out. I’ll get back to life next week.
  9. I’m going to a sewing group tonight, and we are all making a simple knit pencil skirt. It’s from the Patterns for Pirates site, which I have been stalking, but resisting so far. I suspect this will start an addiction. My saving grace might be that it’s not terribly easy to get fabric.
  10. The weather is going to be beautiful today, so a picnic at the park is in the works. Next week is supposed to be almost all rain, so we better soak up the sunshine while we can!

One thought on “Friday’s pieces 03/31

  1. “The only positive was that there were fewer kids in Sunday school to hear my lame lesson on Daniel in the lions’ den.” -LOL!
    Aww, definitely continue with the grace! I’m trying to do the same.

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