Friday's Pieces

Friday’s pieces 04/07


  1. Someone was giving away a well-loved toddler basketball hoop and it’s now one of Noah’s (and Tim’s!) favorite toys. They now play basketball every evening, complete with commentary.
  2. Speaking of basketball, Tim is a Gonzaga fan, so for the last couple weekends, he has been staying up/getting up at all hours of the night to watch the games. The time change gets us every time. Monday night, he got up at 3:30 am for the championship game and then Gonzaga lost. I may or may not have laughed at him.
  3. Last weekend, we made the trek to the Home Depot-like store and got cinder blocks, posts, and a folding gate to replace the plastic chairs and table, which were keeping Noah in the yard. We also got a couple flowerpots, some dirt, and seeds. A garden is forthcoming. I still need to go to a nursery and get some flowers for the pots and some herbs.
  4. This week was my deep cleaning week. It was okay, but not really? I was pretty behind on everything since I didn’t do anything last week. The cleaning kept getting pushed back in favor of grocery shopping and etc., so I’m not sure how well it has worked. Maybe next month will go smoother…
  5. I got inspired to make an Easter dress. I’ve been scared of cutting into the pattern for fear that I’ll cut the wrong size and it will be ruined, but I decided it wasn’t solving anything to keep it around, wishing I had the dress. So I dived right in! After checking my measurements like three times. So far it’s been easier than I expected (though I still have to do a zipper!) and I’m wondering why I waited so long to start.
  6. And if I have time, I’ll make a couple bow ties. The Made for Mermaids site (sister site to Patterns for Pirates) has a free bow tie pattern. Does it get any cuter than a toddler in a bow tie? Especially one that matches Daddy’s?
  7. Pretty much every day, Noah gets more fun. He’s starting to remember our daily rhythms and it’s so helpful. He often does what I ask him to do (not always, because toddlers). He carries on babbled conversations, spends lots of time “reading” his books, and loves snuggling and watching movies with us. It just melts my heart when he brings me a book with a big smile on his face and then sits on my lap while we read it.
  8. I’ve been craving cookies, but I can’t decide what kind to make. What’s your favorite type of cookie?
  9. Did anyone pull any funny April Fool’s jokes? I used to get lots of jokes pulled on me when I was teaching, but now, not so much. In Italy, it’s called “pesce d’aprile” or April fish. Maybe hiding a dead fish is a good joke? Har. Har. Har.
  10. It’s supposed to be another beautiful weekend. We’re thinking about going to Capri, because we can. How’s that for a reason?

4 thoughts on “Friday’s pieces 04/07

  1. I love oatmeal raisin cookies and have been thinking about making them!
    I’m looking forward to seeing your garden photos and the bow tie(!) 😊
    I did an April fools day joke on my thirteen year old (he loves pranks). I put a few drops of food coloring in a bowl, poured his cereal for him (which should have alerted him since I never fix his breakfast!) and when he poured milk on top, everything turned green. 😁 It was fabulous. Haha

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    1. Haha, that’s a great joke!
      I was thinking about oatmeal chocolate chip. I feel like they have more substance than regular chocolate chip.
      Noah and I went outside and starting digging up the ground this morning. I’m using part of the lawn where the sprinkler doesn’t hit, so the grass died. I have to alternate getting it wet and hacking away at it with a hoe. 😂

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  2. Ooh, Capri! Enjoy!
    I love #7! What a great phase… I remember that with my toddler – it was a “golden stage” until tantrums started. Such a fun time!! Of course she’s fun again. 🙂 Having conversations with a toddler is hilarious!
    Ooh, I’ve been thinking about making cranberry white chocolate chip oatmeal cookies!


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