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Quilt progress

I’m making progress on my quilt!


I had planned to do a post about all the amazing progress I have made, but then I decided to make myself a dress for Easter. And it’s taking much longer than expected, since naps have been short this week. Also, I have never made anything quite like this before, so the learning curve is pretty steep. But it’s coming along. I still have to do the zipper. Ugh.


Anyway, once I finish this dress, and whip out a bow tie or two (we are going to be styling this Easter!), I’ll get back to the quilt. It is all cut out, which took FOR-EV-ER. It’s 64 squares with 4 small triangles, 4 solid color triangles, and 4 pattern triangles in each.

That’s 768 triangles.

I am using scraps, so it was a lot of trying to get two triangles out of a weird-shaped piece while reducing waste. I am planning a scrappy crazy quilt some day, so there is a use for those small scraps, but still. Nobody likes wasting perfectly good fabric, am I right? Especially these fabrics, which are filled with memories of my childhood. For example, the purple from this dress is in this quilt, as is the fabric on the doll dress behind me. (Was I or was I not an adorable baby!?!)


I was sitting there waiting (and waiting and waiting) for the picture of the quilt to load and I noticed that picture of me was close to a picture of Noah. It’s funny, but he’s finally starting to look like me! Look! (That being said, I happened to glance at Tim and Noah watching Curious George yesterday and they had the EXACT SAME look on their faces.)

So anyway, progress is happening, slowly. If you haven’t already looked at (and liked) my Facebook page, do so! I’ll be posting updates there when I actually have something to post (ha!).


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