Friday's Pieces

Friday’s pieces 04/14

  1. We haven’t started doing a lot of craft projects yet, as Noah doesn’t quite understand what he’s supposed to do. He ends up just poking at whatever we’re doing, banging crayons together (or eating them), etc. But I got the idea to write meaningful verses and quotes on cheap canvases, let him watercolor them, and then hang them in our extra echo-y hallway. We did our first one on Tuesday. He loved doing it, and it turned out super cute.
  2. In the military, we usually live really far away from our extended families, so those around us become our family. We spend holidays together, celebrate birthdays, and rely on each other for help in tough times. Earlier this week, we welcomed a new family to our big “family”. I really love being part of such a group of people!
  3. I finally got some flowers and herbs to plant. It turns out that gardening with a toddler is much harder than it sounds. Who would’ve thunk? I got some herbs- basil, mint, and lavender- and some geraniums. I read that they all repel mosquitoes. We’ll try it out this year! That is, assuming I’m able to keep the plants alive, which is not a given.
  4. Part of my gardening difficulties was that the yard maintenance guy put non-dissolving fertilizer pebbles all over the lawn. Now I have to watch Noah every second to make sure he doesn’t think they’re a tasty snack. He also thinks my watering can, whether filled with water or not, is a super fun toy to dump upside down.
  5. Yesterday, I gathered some friends and we went all the way downtown to a market called Shoe Alley, just to find it was closed, probably for Holy Week. I know I’ve mentioned this market before because I love it, but you can get shoes, clothes, purses, and some fabric there. I was going to try my luck at getting some knit, and Noah the Speedy-Growing Child needs some shoes. We’ll try again another weekend.
  6. I ended up not making bow ties because I still don’t have ink for my printer (come on, Amazon!) and couldn’t print the pattern. But, I did make an Easter basket for an Easter egg hunt. Pictures to come.
  7. Noah has started “helping” other kids this week. He’ll hug kids who are crying (or kindly poke them in the face), share toys, etc. It just melts my heart, ya know? He also has become obsessed with helicopters and tries to make the sound whenever one flies overhead. It usually just creates a lot of drool.
  8. I finished doing the 28 Days of Pilates. Sure, it took me much longer than 28 days, but I take the weekends off plus I took a “mental health” week recently. I’m planning to do the April Abs for a little while and then move on to something more varied. If you’d like to do it with me, check out The Balanced Life Online’s YouTube channel.
  9. On Sunday, I’m teaching Sunday school, and I have an Easter craft planned. Then we are going to a friend’s house for a potluck and egg hunt. It will be so fun!
  10. Happy Easter! He is risen! Hallelujah!

2 thoughts on “Friday’s pieces 04/14

  1. What a cute project!
    “He’ll hug kids who are crying (or kindly poke them in the face)” – Aww, lol!
    Good luck with your plants. 😊 Happy Easter!!

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