A dress for Easter

I made my Easter dress!

“What’s up with my hair? Oh, that’s a tree.” Also, that’s the Mediterranean Sea behind me.

I talked a while ago about making a dress with this pattern and I chose the flowers over the lines and dots because it looked more Easter-y to me. I did the “C” version (pink in the picture) with the lower neckline and full skirt.


Of course, then I realized that I only had a yard of the fabric, instead of the necessary 1 5/8 yard. I just shortened the skirt and then used a coordinating blue solid from my scrap bin to make up the difference. I’m not militant about having dresses at knee-length, anyway.

Sewing this dress, I learned a few things:

Freezer paper makes excellent patterns. The skirt pieces flared enough at the bottom that I wasn’t comfortable just folding it under to cut the pieces out, so I traced the shortened version on freezer paper. How? I taped the paper to our giant glass doors, stuck the pattern piece under it, and traced with a marker. So easy!

Pattern weights. My mom taught me to pin the pattern pieces to the fabric so they don’t move around when you’re cutting. When I was making the pencil skirt recently, my friend introduced me to pattern weights. Put something heavy in each corner and it works great! I got a couple bags of dried split peas and I’ll be making some weights soon, but for this project, I just used the bags of peas. And my phone, when I needed a third weight.

There are YouTube videos for everything. My brain refused to comprehend the pattern’s instructions for using single-fold bias tape for the armholes. Two YouTube videos later, I had done it! Same goes for the zipper. Also, adjustable zipper feet are amazing (I wrote both foots and feets before getting it right).

Never get too confident, that’s when you make mistakes. At one point, when sewing the single-fold bias tape onto the second armhole, I said “This is way easier the second time!” As I proceeded to sew it onto the wrong side, and I had to rip out the whole seam and do it again.

Overall, I think this dress came out very cute. I ended up having to take it in significantly on the sides and in the back, even though I measured myself about 10 times. But what can you expect from a $3 pattern from Wal-Mart? Also, the tucks around the neckline are a kind weird, in my opinion. They make the whole bodice a little overly poofy. But I love the fabric, I like how full the skirt is, and I love that I got to wear something that I made for myself. I also got a little friendlier with my new sewing machine, which I haven’t even used all that much until now. (That’s changing, though, I have two quilt blocks sewn, 46 to go!)

Also notable from this weekend were a couple Easter egg hunts. My husband observed that egg hunts for toddlers seemed kind of like Black Friday, with announcements like “Parents, DO NOT knock down other kids! If you do, all parents will be removed from the field.” Do people really do that? A full-grown adult knocking down a 2 year-old over a mini bag of M&M’s?

Yes, my husband is wearing a white suit and pink shoes. They match his pink shirt, obviously. I also made Noah’s Easter basket out of felt and scraps. It’s totally washable, which is great because it has melted chocolate in it.

Did you have a good Easter? I hope so!


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