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Kaleidoscope quilt block

Now that my Easter dress is done, I’m back to working on my kaleidoscope quilt. I told you about how to set this kind of quilt up here and then showed you how I got it all cut out and ready to sew here.

Today, I’m going to show you how to sew together the block. Amazingly enough, it is pretty quick, with an entire block taking maybe 15 minutes. Make sure your iron is heated up, and keep your wits about you so you don’t sew the wrong pieces together. I put them back in place every time I sew a seam, or else it would be all sorts of wrong. Remember that this quilt pattern is a “big picture” quilt and that the individual blocks don’t look like much by themselves. But once you got your “kaleidoscope” completed, you don’t want to get mixed up! Here are the steps, with pictures.

Put the block into an easy to access location (this is on my ironing board).


Put the small corner triangles right sides together with the big corner triangles. The small triangle overhangs a bit on each side, so make sure it’s centered. Sew a 1/4″ seam, then press open with the iron. I have been pressing all the seams open because it can get kind of bulky in places (especially the center) and it seems to help a little.

Once all the corner pieces are sewn together, divide the block into two sections of four triangles.


Then sew the triangles together (with a 1/4″ seam) two at a time, press seams open.


Then sew a two to a two. Try saying that ten times fast. The first block I did, I sewed them all together one at a time, but the center point was really bulky and hard to sew through. This is way easier and smoother.


You’re almost done! Now sew the two pieces together, lining up the middle points. The pieces are small enough that this is the only part where I use pins. I would say it’s pretty important here, especially to keep the middles together.


And it’s done! Now only 47 left to go. (I totally told you last week it was 64 squares, it’s not. It’s 48. What is wrong with my brain!??)


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