Friday's Pieces

Friday’s pieces 04/21

  1. That Easter egg hunt didn’t actually have eggs, they just scattered candy across the field. Most of the chocolate melted, so kids were running around with chocolate smeared all over themselves. We spent a lot of time saying “Look Noah, there’s a Reese’s!”  I think this is the last year that we’ll be able to eat his candy without him noticing.
  2. Early this week, a dear friend of mine came over and I got to teach her how to sew! She is having a baby in a couple months and wanted a crib skirt, but the one she had her eye on was very expensive. So like anyone in this Age of Pinteret, she decided to make one. She asked me to help and I was honored. It was a lot of fun!
  3. On Tuesday, I went grocery shopping and stopped by the library to return my woefully overdue books and get another one. One, I tell you! Whoever built our library made it in such a way that it has amazing acoustics. (Who does that?) But Noah got the great idea to start his high-pitched shrieks as soon as I got to the point that was farthest from the door. They echoed, so he kept going, despite my stern “NO”s. Other patrons were glaring at me and one guy even approached me about it. I ran out of there, mortified and book-less trying to muffle the shrieks. I guess it’s e-books and my personal library until this stage passes.
  4. We went out to dinner on Saturday night to a neighborhood restaurant we had heard was good. And boy was it! As usual, we underestimated the amount of food they would bring, and I had to tell them not to bring the secondo (the meat). I could barely finish the pasta! Now we know for next time.
  5. Yesterday, I went shopping for a new swimsuit for Noah and “Bimbo a bordo” (baby on board) stickers and ended up with shoes and a new carseat, too! His current shoes are really hot, so I found some mesh ones, which hopefully will keep him more comfortable now that we’re going into summer. And he outgrew his infant seat when I wasn’t looking, and Amazon didn’t have the one we wanted in stock. But I found one, and it was on sale!
  6. I decided it was time for Noah to start drinking milk from a sippy cup like a civilized human being, and it’s going okay, I guess. Any tips for weaning from a bottle?
  7. I’ve discovered that the difference between 2T and 3T clothes is huge. Most 2T shirts have been put away because they became belly shirts, but the 3T are so huge, they go halfway to his knees. How do I deal with this?
  8. I know I’ve talked your ear off about Parenthood, but seriously, guys, season 4 is making me feel all the feels.
  9. We have an awesome trip planned next week, and I’m not sure how much I’ll be posting. Can we still be friends?
  10. This weekend is pretty busy, with a couple events today, a yard sale tomorrow, and a church potluck on Sunday, with packing for our trip in there somewhere. Hope your weekend is great!

7 thoughts on “Friday’s pieces 04/21

  1. Reese’s = best candy ever! PB+chocolate better be in heaven, else I may not go…. So our oldest is over 3.5 and we can still sneak some of her candy, mostly bc she forgets about it. You still have time!

    Bottle weaning … ugh …. I’ll take the tips, too! Baby is 15m and only drinks bottled milk, and quite warm, too. How old is Noah again? My ped just told us to keep trying and pushing the cup, consistently, and also to try almond milk or coconut milk in the new cup. Well, we are doing neither, so no wonder she’s still on the bottle. Every month or so I try the cup, but I get frustrated when she doesn’t eat, worried she’s starving, sick of washing so many cups, and so I return to the bottle. Yeesh.

    Hmm, I found that we skipped through (girls) 3T really fast for whatever reason. Could be he’s been in 2T awhile and his clothes have shrunk from washing? If you find/borrow some used 3T clothes they might be smaller.

    Have a great trip!


    1. I’m so glad we still have time! 🙂
      Your bottle to cup transition sounds exactly like us! He is 21 months old and we already give him only almond milk because he was having some allergic reactions to lactose. It’s mostly cleared up, but I’m still being careful. Maybe I’ll try him on cow’s milk in a cup.
      Almost all our baby clothes are used because he seems to go through them pretty fast. I think part of my problem is that European sizes are a huge range, like 2-4 years!


  2. How neat, I bet your friend really appreciates you teaching her to sew!
    Try the straw variety of sippy cup, i had success switching to that with Maggie and Samuel. Elizabeth is now drinking water from a sippy cup with a very soft, silicone spout, it’s super cute! 😍
    Enjoy your trip and take photos!


    1. My friend finished the crib skirt at home and she was so proud of it.
      We’ve been using a sippy cup for water and juice for a long time, but we’re just now starting to try it with milk. I think maybe he doesn’t like that the milk is cold or something. We decided to wait a little bit longer until he understands more what’s going on.

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