April books


You know how books can speak to us in ways that nothing else can? You are reading along and think “Oh, I just learned about that!” Or characters have the same struggles you are currently going through. It seems like the books I chose this month did this more than usual. It was definitely not planned, since I randomly picked these books, mostly because I liked the covers. Not even kidding.

I also felt like I was really busy and didn’t allow myself to sit down and read a lot this month. I spent almost three weeks on the first book. But on our trip, I ended up reading the equivalent of two books!

Here’s what I read in April.

Starting Over by Sue Moorcroft. I picked this book up when I was in Ireland last fall. I admit, I grabbed it because I liked the cover and it was recommended by Katie Fforde, one of my favorite authors. Tess had just been dumped two days before her wedding, so she escaped to a small village with the hopes of starting over. She had no intention of making friends and putting down roots, but a group of villagers began to change her mind. When her ex-fiance comes looking for her, will she choose to try that relationship again or to stay in her new life? I really enjoyed this book. It is part of the “Choc Lit” series, and it is indeed like eating a piece of chocolate!

Like Water for Chocolate by Laura Esquirel. Tita was the youngest daughter of Mama Elena, and fell in love with Pedro when she was 16. Unfortunately, the tradition was that she had to remain unmarried in order to take care of her mother until she died, and her mother was unbending. Pedro ended up marrying Tita’s sister so he could stay close to her. Tita was an excellent cook and her food magically took on the properties of her moods, having a strong effect those who ate it. I found this book to be kind of weird. I’m not a huge fan of realistic fiction that has some magic thrown in. The story was pretty depressing, but it held my attention and was well-written.

The Forgotten Seamstress by Liz Trenow. Library ebook, chosen for the cover, total win! I loved this book! The story jumps back and forth between Maria telling her story and Caroline trying to solve the mystery of the quilt. Maria was an orphan who became a seamstress in Buckingham Palace in the early 1900’s, but was then sent to a mental institution for decades. During different stages of her life, she made sections of a quilt. Many years later, Caroline found the quilt in her mother’s attic, and began her journey to unlocking Maria’s secrets. Can I tell you again how much I loved this book?

Have any books you read lately really spoken to you?


3 thoughts on “April books

  1. The forgotten Seamstress sounds interesting!! I read a War of the Roses historical fiction last month, and this month I’m on a NF book on the Battle of Hastings. Lol – both are equally fascinating! My favorite way to learn about history…

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  2. Ooh, The Forgotten Seamstress sound good! Glad you enjoyed it. 🙂 I have been reading some non-fiction, but no stories (I miss them!)


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