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Slow and steady- quilt progress

Slow and steady is right! Well, I don’t know about that “steady” part, maybe it’s just slow.

What with vacation and catching up and a toddler, I’m not making as much progress as quickly as I would like on my quilt. I’ve been averaging about 4 blocks a day, though yesterday, I did 8. How, you ask? By ignoring a not-sleepy toddler and leaving him yelling in his bed until he fell asleep. An hour later. No guilt.

So right now, I’m halfway through putting together the blocks.


I am getting a system down, and I can do a block in about 15 minutes. If the bobbin doesn’t run out or the iron shut off or the power go out… You know, life happens.

I noticed that the pattern of the kaleidoscope circles seems to be a little bit more distinct since I sewed together the blocks. I’m getting excited for when it’s completely put together!



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