Friday's Pieces

Friday’s pieces 05/12


  1. We get some pretty amazing sunsets here in the Mediterranean!
  2. Last Friday evening, we had some neighbors over for tacos. It got a little boozy toward the end, but we all had fun. It was great to get to know some of our neighbors that we hadn’t met yet.
  3. I think I’ve officially become old. Between drinking one beer and one glass of wine and staying up until 1 am, Saturday was pretty foggy. Lame!
  4. Tuesday morning, the power went out for about 15 or 20 minutes. This happens all the time, but unfortunately I was trying to take a shower. So cold! I guess I shouldn’t complain, everyone else’s house alarms were going off until the power came back on. Those suckers are loud.
  5. Noah is working on his spoon skills. It’s going as well as can be expected. He likes it, that’s for sure!


  6. We went to Ikea yesterday to get a rug for Noah’s room. I’m sure you can imagine how that went. Ahem. I did resist this rocking reindeer, though! Patting myself on the back for that one.  The doggie leash backpack continues to be a win.


  7. Have you seen those little kid tepees? You can get them at Target or Pottery Barn or places like that, Pinterest is full of them. They are great for forts or reading or having toddler alone time. Besides, he’s outgrowing (read: semi-destroyed) the box fort I made him last year. My friend has a tepee, and it doesn’t look too hard to make. I discovered that Ikea has curtain fabric on the bolt, priced by the meter. I got some lightweight fabric for 2,99€ a meter! I still need to get the poles, but it’s going to be a fun project (I hope).
  8. Tomorrow, we are going on a day trip with people from church to a couple places up near Rome. We are taking a bus, and I’m looking forward to getting away for the day (and not having to drive ourselves!).
  9. The weather has become glorious here, which makes for a promising weekend. I hope it’s nice and springy where you are, too! Happy weekend!

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