Villa d’Este

On Saturday, we went on a bus trip to Villa d’Este with some people from our church. It is in Tivoli, near Rome, and I would definitely recommend it to anyone traveling in Italy.

It was built as the gardens to the palace of the Cardinal of Tivoli in the mid 1500’s. The palace is significantly higher up the hill, and the gardens are a series of terraces, grottoes, and fountains, with a great view of Rome in the distance.

The main fountain can be viewed from both above and below, as well as across, and it’s nothing less than spectacular. There was a couple taking their wedding pictures there, which just goes to show how beautiful it is!


It’s really neat to be able to see the fountains from all different angles!


Another of the main fountains, the fountain of Diana has a statue, a main waterfall, and many side spouts, with a grotto behind the whole thing.


One of the terraces has a series of fountains where the water comes out of animals’ mouths. There are lions, foxes, and bears, to name a few. This picture doesn’t really show the whole thing, but it was really long.


Fountains are fun to play in, too!


The gardens of Villa d’Este are a great place to visit, especially for families. The gardens are large, and there are places for kids to run, stairs for them to climb (and get tired), and new and different fountains around every corner. The palace is mostly unfurnished, but the frescoes on the ceilings are spectacular. And the best part is that kids under the age of 17 are free!




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