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Project(s) goals

Did you see the picture I posted on Facebook yesterday? I finished piecing the blocks together on my quilt!


Ain’t it pretty? (Goodness, my phone takes terrible pictures)

The next step is to square off the blocks and sew them together. I have backing material and batting ready (always prepared!). I am planning to quilt this one, and I believe that I will quilt it around the kaleidoscope circles. That will make a cool pattern on the back, too, right?

My sewing machine is kind of loud, so listening to podcasts or audiobooks is not super practical, and I’m a little tired of my 10+ year old music collection, so I spent a lot of time sewing and thinking in silence. I have so many other ideas percolating in my brain. Some projects I have everything I need except floor space (ahem, quilt), some don’t need space, but just the perfect idea and time. Here are some of my project goals for the near future.

Paint my bookshelf. I have had the same bookshelf for as long as I can remember, with the same coat of paint and shelf paper. I’m thinking that making it through my childhood, constant pickup truck moves during and after college, and making it around the world one and a half times, it’s time for some fresh paint and paper. Last summer, I bought this beautiful blue paint that matched the shelf paper I had from another project, fully intending to paint it. Then it was too humid. Too many bugs. Too windy. Ack, it will never be perfect, just paint the darn thing! I do have to wait for the spring wind to die down because it brings all this dust from Africa. But then I’m painting it!

A tepee. Have you seen these? They cost like $100 or more. I bought 3 meters of fabric for 9€ at Ikea last week, and one day soon I’ll go to the Home Depot-like store and get 4 poles and some rope (hopefully for very little). I pinned something kind of like what I want on Pinterest.


Don’t you want to curl up and read in there? Move over, kid!

A felt board and pieces. So far, I have stapled felt to a previously unused bulletin board. And I cut out Mr. Potato Head’s head. But gosh, I’ve been pinning so many things and I have so many ideas! I just need to sit down and do it.

Charger cord wrap thingies. We have a basket that we keep all our chargers in, and it’s getting a little out of control. Fabric scraps with a little velcro will keep everything nice and neat.

More canvases. Remember I showed you the canvas I wrote a Bible verse on and then Noah painted? I want more. I got canvases, and now I’m just waiting for quote/verse inspiration.


Quilts! Of course. Last year, we went to two twin beds pushed together (which is amazing, by the way), and we are using old quilts. I wanted to make something special for each of us. I started my Bloom quilt last summer, did three blocks, and then it got buried under some other project. I found a nice (and easy) triangle design that uses scraps for Tim’s quilt.


Looks easy enough, right? Then, I also am to the point of sewing together the tshirt quilt I am working on (or was working on before it killed my machine!). And, because I’m overly ambitious, I want to make a quilt wall hanging, maybe to hang in the hall and cut down on the echoing. Yes, I am crazy, thanks for asking.

Clothes. I keep yammering about Patterns for Pirates, but I’m serious about it. I have some fabric, and I bought several patterns. I’m just waiting for floor space. I’ve also been finding lots of free patterns on Pinterest. This is my quest for clothes that fit and look good!

What projects are you working on or planning? Please share, maybe I can add more to my list!


3 thoughts on “Project(s) goals

  1. I love the quilt!!! You did great so far! I love how the pattern made circles, too. I am so impressed!!!
    Also, crazy that you get dust from Africa… I didn’t think that would happen – it’s so far! Great projects. 🙂


    1. We get some pretty strong winds, and I guess things (sand) fly over the sea fairly easily. And land on my car.
      After all that careful planning and protecting the quilt until it was sewn together (easier said that done, eh toddler?), I’m still amazed that it came out so cool!


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