Friday's Pieces

Friday’s pieces 05/19


  1. Here is proof that spoon training is going swimmingly. Note the yogurt in his hair. It was behind his ears, too.
  2. Did you see my post about our trip to Tivoli last Saturday? If you missed it, check it out here.
  3. If you’re a mother, how was your Mother’s Day? This week was a constant naptime struggle, so I used Mother’s Day as an excuse for Tim to deal with it. And change gross diapers. Noah finally did take a nap and I got to sew for a longer amount of time than usual. Then Tim made me dinner, which was very good. You can’t go wrong with fresh pasta and cheese, am I right?
  4. The rest of the week was kind of a laundry-cooking-sewing blur. I try to keep a stock of fruit/veggie muffins on hand for baby snacks, but I ran out. So I made two different batches of muffins, one of which uses the blender. I’m sure my neighbor thought it was a little strange that I was wearing an apron and using the blender on the patio. Hey, the kid is napping, our house echoes like crazy, what would you do? If you’re interested, I made these zucchini muffins and these blender smoothie muffins. Both are a hit.
  5. I told you I had plans to make some stuff. Here’s a new piece of wall candy. It’s a small 15 cm x 15 cm canvas, and I love it. Tim’s response was that the heart shouldn’t be in Southern Idaho. *rolls eyes*


  6. Sewing together the top of my quilt has gone way faster than I expected, I’m already done! It’s not perfect, but it’s handmade. And it looks pretty cool, if I do say so myself.


  7. I got these new sippy cup lids the other day. They are silicon and can be put on most any cup to make it a sippy cup. I like that idea! It take a little practice to get them on and off without spilling, but I can see them being super useful. We lost both a sippy cup and the little cap thing (on separate occasions) on our Israel trip, so now we only have one cup that closes and doesn’t leak out the spout. I think these lids will get a lot of use when we’re out and about.
  8. Those lids are the Boon brand. I have the Boon grass drying rack and flower attachment, and it is the best. I use it for bottles and other baby stuff, but also for wine glasses and those tiny limoncello glasses. The grass is stiff, which holds everything in place, and allows for air flow so the insides of things dry, too. So really, I would recommend it even if you don’t have a baby!
  9. My mom sent me a box of books and fabric this week. She knows the way to my heart. My only concern is that my bookshelf was already maxxed out. Oh well! I choose to ignore that fact. Also, wasn’t the kaleidoscope quilt’s purpose to use up scraps and now I have more? I shall also ignore that.
  10. Happy weekend, ya’ll!

2 thoughts on “Friday’s pieces 05/19

  1. A nice break for Mother’s Day. 🙂 I went to my in-law’s house, which was fun. Nothing too special for me, but I did have a writing workshop the day before!
    I said it on your other post, but I love that quilt!! Great job!!!


    1. A writing workshop sounds fun! Spending time with family is also so nice. (I’m feeling a bit homesick, can you tell? Or did my artwork give it away?)
      Thanks again for the quilt love. 🙂


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