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Summer sampler quilt


I ran across a sampler quilt that is a block a week for the whole summer. I have been wanting to do a small quilt, probably a sampler type, to hang on the wall in the hallway. It echoes so loudly for a little boy who is trying to sleep!

This link will send you to the Freshly Pieced blog, where you can buy the summer sampler series. It is called the Summer Star Medallion and it is made up of 17 different star blocks. For $25, you get a pattern once a week, with templates and instructions, a helpful Facebook group, and the Freshly Pieced blog does a skill-building post having to do with the week’s block. Each block comes in two sizes, and you can do what you want with the finished blocks, but in September, they will send you a few different ways to finish the quilt, along with a couple more blocks for in between what you’ve already done.

As soon as I saw this, even before I bought it, I sat down and figured out how to make a smallish version. Since I’m planning to use it as a wall hanging, I don’t want it to be too big. They offered a few mock-ups, and I swooned over the rainbow one. That’s what I want! So my quilt will be square, with the dark blocks in the corners, and the blocks in between fading into the next color. I’ll be using scraps, of course. Since I want it small, I’m doing 16 of the 17 blocks in the 6″ size, and the center block in 12″.


I try to be fairly professional and all on my blog, but the truth is that I’m still learning about quilting. (Do we ever stop learning?) I still make my fair share of mistakes. My corners never seem to line up. But I want to improve my skills, and I like how this project breaks it down into small pieces. My first thought was “A block a week, I can do that!” I’m starting a week late? No problem, that’s only two blocks this week!

So, do you want to join me? It’s a great summer project! No matter when you sign up, they will send you the current block and all the past blocks. I’ll be sharing my progress in my Friday’s Pieces posts as the summer goes on.

All Summer Sampler pictures were borrowed from here. I have no partnership with them, I just wanted to share a great opportunity with you!


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