Friday's Pieces

Friday’s pieces 06/02


  1. When you just want some peace and quiet for a couple minutes… “Here, Noah, read this book to Dr. Bunfuzz.” Then on Wednesday, I admit that I put on Baby Einstein so I could do other things. No shame.
  2. Did you see my post about last weekend? If not, you should go look at it! We stayed home for the long weekend, but we certainly had fun!
  3. Tuesday was my grocery shopping day. We had to get the AC recharged in the car, so Noah and I had a lot of time to kill. I ended up getting a new tankini swimsuit top (why are swimsuits all or nothing these days?) and two bottles of infant Tylenol. In fact, the Tylenol wasn’t even on the shelf yet, but I snagged a couple boxes off the cart. They NEVER have it in stock, and people like me are probably why.
  4. There are times when my Italian is on a need-to-know basis. This week, while trying to hook up the sprinkler for Noah, I learned the words for “faucet” and “hose”. The attach-y part on the hose (“tubo”) was much smaller than the faucet (“fontana”). We couldn’t figure it out, and I’m so thankful for our patient gardener who waited for me to collect my thoughts and stumble through my question.
  5. Have you guys seen this comic called “You Should Have Asked“? It’s not one of those funny-haha comics, but it talks about the mental load that mothers carry around with them and the frustration it causes. It’s like the author figured out what I’ve been wanting to say, but couldn’t find the words.
  6. That Baby Einstein day? That’s when I combined the fabric that I had in four different locations. Then I organized it by color. That’s especially important because this sampler quilt is a rainbow one. It’s not practical to be looking in four different places for pink fabric! As you can see, I have a lot… probably more than I realized. There’s a second pile of blue hiding behind the towering pile. This picture makes the piles look short, but they were falling over. This is only the patterned quilting fabric, not including all the solids and flannels, which is a whole tub. Heh.P1170707
  7. I made big plans for next week, with a little sewing each day. I should be able to get two quilt blocks done (see below) and a shirt made. Did you see the dress I made last weekend? Also, next week is my deep cleaning week. I originally planned to do a room a day, but I lost steam by the end of the week and the bedrooms never got cleaned. I’m going to try doing an all-day deep clean just one day at the beginning of the month and see if that’s any better. I’ll let you know.
  8. Here is the block for the summer sampler quilt week 2, even though it’s technically week 3. I’ve got stuff to do and a toddler to keep busy. Hopefully next week I’ll get caught up. This is the Tilted Star, which was actually much easier than the first block I did. This one used foundation paper piecing, which I have never done before. Oh my gosh, it’s so easy and the blocks come out so clean!P1170711
  9. After the block I did last week, I decided that doing them all in the 6″ size was not going to be practical. Some of the blocks are super complicated and the pieces would be so tiny! So I changed up my pattern a little and now I’m only doing 4 in 6″ and I’ll be doing 13 in the 12″ size. It will be significantly larger, but my wall is big, so that’s okay.
  10. Happy weekend!

2 thoughts on “Friday’s pieces 06/02

    1. I try to keep stuff organized, so it was driving me nuts. As soon as i got it organized and put away, I started two new projects where I went digging around again. I think it will be a never-ending battle.
      I have been feeling so overwhelmed and frustrated lately. But I read that comic and thought “Oooohhhhh”. Sometimes you just need someone else to define your thoughts, ya know?

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