A day in the life…

I’ve seen other people do “day in the life” posts and I really enjoy reading them! I thought I would do one of my own to share how (some of) my days go. The mornings are always different, but you get the general idea, right?

Monday, June 5

7:00 I got up, helped Tim get out the door. Then I drank a glass of water and spent half an hour catching up on social media. That’s a little longer that I should spend, but it’s a bad habit, ya know?

7:30 I did a YouTube Pilates workout and took a shower.

8:15 I ate a breakfast of yogurt, a banana, granola, and a cup of black tea. Unfortunately, we ran out of milk, so it really was black tea this morning! I did my devotions out of a book called Pressing Pause and wrote a blog post about the books I read in May.

9:30 I got Noah up and got him dressed and fed. He had yogurt with peanut butter powder and cereal. That’s one of his favorite breakfasts! The PB powder is so easy to mix with things like yogurt and it provides a nice protein kick.

10:00  At 10, we left for a playgroup visit to the zoo. For a small zoo, it was very nice. Noah’s favorite part was the little farm. There were ponies, donkeys, sheep, and goats.


12:30 The zoo is close to my old school where I taught four years ago, so we stopped by to say hello. They offered me a job next year (as they always do!), and it was nice to catch up with a couple of the teachers.

2:00 We got home a little late, so we had lunch immediately. I made Noah a quesadilla and it looked so good, I made a couple for myself too! Breakfast had been so long before that Noah was super hungry. I kept having to give him more food! I watched an episode of Friends on the iPad while we ate.

3:00 Noah finally had enough to eat (after multiple kinds of crackers, grapes, and Craisins) and went down for a nap. I was pretty tired, too, so I spent 45 minutes reading. I don’t take naps where I actually sleep (it makes Noah’s “radar” go off and he wakes up!), but I often will spend time resting and reading. Once I felt a little more rested, I printed two patterns for quilt blocks. Our printer isn’t always plugged in or even near the transformer, so I try to do all my printing at once. Then I cleaned up my sewing area from the weekend project (watch for it next week!), chose the fabric for my next sampler block, and started cutting it out. This one is light purple, but my light purples don’t really match, so it has some dark purple in it, too.


5:15 Noah finally woke up! He was pretty tired from our adventures this morning.  I gave him some watered-down apple juice and went outside to play, while I caught up on blogs and read a book. His juice was not in the bottle, don’t worry. That’s a bottle I use to water the flowers.


6:15 Tim called to say he was on his way home, so I started working on dinner while Noah kept playing. In fact, he played our “junk box” right off the shelf and upside down! You know how you all have junk drawers? Well, we don’t have many drawers, so we have a junk box with batteries and tape and stuff. The lid came off and stuff flew everywhere!

7:00 Tim came home and we ate our dinner out on the patio. We had chickpea burgers and salad, and Noah had peas and corn with tomato sauce and cheese (anything to get him to eat veggies!). Yes, that is my Tom & Jerry “wine” glass. We only have three wine glasses and two were dirty, so I gave Tim the real wine glass and took the juice glass for myself.


8:00 I washed the dishes and Noah and Tim played outside and then watched some Curious George.

8:30 Noah’s bedtime! After he went to bed, Tim and I had a rematch of a board game called Carcassonne, mostly because the last time we played, I won! Unfortunately for me, he made a smooth move right at the end and beat me by 3 points. Around 10, we went to bed, read for a few minutes and then went to sleep.

Whew, what a long, busy day!


4 thoughts on “A day in the life…

  1. Noah has such a late wakeup time!!! He sleeps 13h – wow! Mine sleep 11-11.5h. How lucky are you?! 🙂 We love PB powder, too, although I like the taste of regular PB better in smoothies; maybe because it’s richer??
    i love the Fiestaware!! Is that a 30s white or a new white?? My mom uses the original colors and I use the 50s greens (though frankly I’m quite tired of them).
    An interesting read – thanks for sharing!!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I know! I feel pretty lucky about that. Sometimes I have to get him up earlier than he’s ready to get up and he becomes a bear.
      You’re the one who told me about the peanut butter powder, and I’ll be eternally grateful. Whatever he eats usually ends up in his hair and regular peanut butter… well, I’m sure you can imagine. 🙂
      I love my Fiestaware, too! It isn’t old, it was my parents’ set that they bought in the ’90s, with a couple new colors I got with wedding money. The good thing is that most of the colors are still available. Noah broke my cobalt bowl a couple weeks ago, so I ordered another one off Amazon. God bless Amazon.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Ugh, waking a kid is almost always a nightmare….
        Oh, right!! (mombrain – sorry) I’m so glad you like it! Yeah, Baby gets it everywhere in her hair, too. I almost want to stop giving to her just for that!
        Nice!!! Yes, Amazon is an staple now – scarily true.


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