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9 years

Today is our 9 year wedding anniversary. (And happy Flag Day, ya’ll.) That’s a long time, and we’ve had so many exciting adventures over the years.

Our entire dating relationship was long distance, me being in Idaho and Tim in New York, Connecticut, and Washington state. So traveling was always special to us because it meant we got to be together. Then June 14th, 2008, we got married, and I moved to Washington with him.


We decided to take our honeymoon in Italy because “when would we get another chance to go?” Ha!

Capri; Venice; Tuscan sunflower fields

Two years after getting married, we moved to Italy, and the real adventures began!

Mt. Etna erupting, Sicily; Stonehenge, England; Eurochocolate Festival, Perugia, Italy; Walk of the Gods, Positano, Italy

Then we moved to the Middle East.

That sign on the left says “Bahrain ↑ Saudi Arabia ↓”; Dune bashing in Dubai

When we were moving back to America, we took the long way around. Six southeast Asian countries in 24 days. We rode in questionable boats, flew with some of the world’s worst airlines, and survived street food.

Temples in Kathmandu, Nepal (that have now fallen down); Borobudur Temple, Indonesia

Ha Long Bay, Vietnam; “Indiana Jones” Temple, Cambodia; The “Smiley” Temple, Cambodia

Just over seven years after getting married, we had a baby. Arguably the most challenging adventure yet. Those cheeks, though.


Here we are, back in Italy. We quickly picked back up our traveling ways. Noah will have been to nine countries before he’s 2.



Here’s the timeline/stats:

1998: We met. I wasn’t too sure about that odd, multi-colored hair boy named Tim.
2006: Snowboarding trip to Canada, we decided to give a relationship a try on New Year’s Day (2007).
2007: Engaged!
2008: Married. Moved to Washington.
2010: Moved to Italy.
2013: Moved to Bahrain.
2014: Moved to California.
2015: Baby!
2016: Moved to Italy. (I hope the Bahrain part of this pattern does not continue.)
Moves: 5
Countries visited: 33

We don’t know what the future holds for us, but I don’t see us settling down anytime soon (sorry, Mom). I’m so thankful for the last 9 years and I look forward to spending many more years traveling, experiencing, and having adventures with my husband, my favorite travel buddy.

Cheers! Cin cin!


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