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A flower festival- the Infiorata

This last week was pretty busy for us, and we had lots of events happening. Wednesday was our 9 year anniversary and Sunday was Father’s Day. Well, at least it was the American Father’s Day- Italians celebrate March 19th, on the feast day of St. Joseph (Giuseppe).

To celebrate these events, we went with some neighbors to a kind of flower show in Cusano Mutri, a small hilltop town near Benevento. It is up in the mountains and the drive up there was so beautiful. For this festival, the people of the town use flowers, seeds, and coffee grounds (because Italy) to make beautiful mosaics through the streets. They also have a procession through the town at sunset, but we didn’t stay that long.


When we got there, a few people were just putting the finishing touches on their pictures. The white bricks and blue sky were heaps of flower petals, and the words were carnation heads.


The main street had several pictures in a row, looking like a giant carpet on the street. Here it is later, after it’s all finished. They use a flour paste to “glue” the petals to the street, but unfortunately the wind was really strong and some of the pieces blew away, especially the small branches (the green parts).


Here is a picture of the Pope.


And probably my favorite one… The purple was thistles. They look like pom poms!


One the street leading to the church, they did a long narrow one with crosses that looked like a carpet. It went around the corner and kept going for a bit!


The procession was to end in the church, so the most spectacular one was inside. The crew used dried and powdered flower petals to get a sand-like look. It is an intricate cross leading from the alter almost to the door of the church, with Jesus praying in the Garden. All the pictures had names, and this one was called “My life for you”. Because they used powdered petals, they were able to get shading and it looked almost like a painting!


We had a late lunch at a restaurant that only made things with mushrooms, which was amazing! The wine was also very good (and strong!), and 0,50 for a cup. Cusano Mutri has a mushroom festival in late September, so I think we’ll be heading back that way in a few months. On the way home, we tried to stop in a town that had signs for a cinghiale (wild boar) festival, but they weren’t open yet and Noah had decided that he was done with the day, so we just continued on home. It was a fun, relaxing day, and such a great way to celebrate our week.


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