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DIY felt board

Do you remember when we were kids and they told us stories in Sunday School using a flannel board? This is similar! And so easy to make!


Flannel and felt are both kind of fuzzy, which make them perfect for this project. The pieces stick to each other, but are easily removable. The games can be silly (like Mr. Potato Head) or educational (match/name shapes) or just plain fun (like a road and cars).

To make the board, all you need is a cork board with frame (or a large frame with a board that fits inside it), felt or flannel that is slightly larger than the cork board, and a stapler. I used a cork board because I had one sitting around that had no other purpose. Realistically, you could probably use just about anything, you just need to be able to attach the felt to the board.

Lay the felt on top of the board, and starting in one corner, push it between the cork and the frame (I used a butter knife), gently pulling it tight. Staple as you go. I used a lot of staples to keep it in place. You may have to trim the corners down a little because they tend to be kind of bulky. But that’s it. Super easy. Here’s what the edges look like.


If you’re doing a board inside a frame, spread glue on the board and gently smooth the felt over it. Wrap it around the back and glue more. Then secure it inside the frame. Or don’t. Keep it simple, yo.

I made a felt board for Noah, but so far I have only made one game and his name.


But many ideas are percolating! Pinterest is full of good ideas.

puzzle for child felt puzzle memory puzzle logic by loiseaubleu11, €18.00  Car felt shapes set  21 pieces felt shapes for flannel boards or felt boards… farm-felt board  Quiet book busy book soft book activity book felt book by Triofelt

There are so many great ideas out there and the felt board is so versatile! Learning to spell, story retelling, learning colors and shapes, counting- they are all possible. And, my favorite part is that kids can do a lot of these activities either with a parent or by themselves. Solo learning activities for the win!

P.S. That picture of the competed board may be the last picture my camera ever takes. I’m performing surgery on it today to get the dust out of the lens. On the picture of the corner, do you see the black spot in upper right hand corner? That’s what I hope to get out. We’re all hoping our little camera pulls through.


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    1. Thank you!
      The surgery went okay… the dust is out, but one of the screws was stripped, so we ended up just bending the frame to get the back off. Now there’s a loose part that won’t lie flat. Hmm, maybe success?

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