Friday's Pieces

Friday’s pieces 06/23


  1. Somehow I have lived here for a total of four years and I have never done the beach experience- renting chairs and umbrellas and getting all the snacks at the bar. I always assumed it was so expensive, but a chair and umbrella was only 7€ and this beach was less that 5 minutes from my house. On Tuesday, Noah and I went with some friends and we had a great time playing in the sand and the waves. He doesn’t normally like cold things, but he devoured a slushee, despite brain freeze.
  2. Friday evening we went to a bbq at a neighbor’s house. It was almost all Navy band members there (we are not part of the band), so the conversations were quite different than the submariner conversations we’re used to. Ha! Then Saturday we went to another bbq with some friends who just moved into their house. We have so many friends living close by and we love it!
  3. Did you see my post on Monday about the Infiorata flower show? It was amazing!
  4. I have now gotten two sunburns in the last week, just because I can’t seem to remember to put on sunscreen. If you see me, please remind me!
  5. I finally printed another pattern and on Monday, I got it all taped and cut out while Noah was playing (wonder of wonders, miracle of miracles!). It’s a t-shirt called the Sweet Tee, and it was really easy! I started taping the pattern around noon, and I had finished the shirt by 10:30 that night. With many interruptions, of course. But still, I made myself something wearable in less than 10 hours. More on this next week.
  6. The camera surgery was actually successful! One of the outside screws was stripped from us trying to open it with the wrong screwdriver, so we ended up bending the frame to get it out. Terrible, I know! But once I got the outside cover off it was a breeze to take apart and clean. I was able to bend it back in such a way that it all went back together and we have a functioning camera (without spending $300 for a new one). See, here’s a sunset picture that’s really zoomed in because that’s when the dust showed up. See, no dust!


  7. Noah has taken to taking his naps late (like 4 or 4:30) and crying for about 20 minutes before falling asleep. It’s just a phase, it’s just a phase, it’s just a phase. It’s terrible, you guys. He woke up early this morning, so maybe this will reset him.
  8. What with a non-napping toddler and making a shirt and all the other things going on, I didn’t get this week’s block finished. It also took me DAYS to decide on what fabric to use. Seriously! This block is called Alchemy, and it is much simpler than it appears. I did all of that in about an hour yesterday, and I totally could have finished it this morning if Noah hadn’t woken up at 6:30 (ugh!). This afternoon, though. Tell me, is it too much plaid?


  9. Aaaand one of our cars is back in the shop. This is what we get for buying not very nice cars. And it’s been a while since anything broke, so I guess it was time, right?
  10. I you all have a lovely weekend!

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