A few questions about me

About a month ago, a fellow blogger friend nominated me for a Liebster award. I had already decided not to do “award posts” because I find them… stressful? Cumbersome? Mostly just not where I want my blog to go. However, some of the questions are fun and I thought it might be an interesting way for you to get to know me a little better.

By the way, you should all go check out Katherine’s blog Welcome to the Nursery. She writes about the funny stuff her toddler says, and it’s hilarious!

  1. What’s your favorite time of the day and why? Probably the morning. I used to hate mornings when I was teaching because they were rushed (and 6 am is no fun), but now that I’m a SAHM and my kid sleeps, I get to eat my breakfast and drink my tea in peace. It’s lovely.


  2. What TV series have you found to be so ridiculous? Ummm, I don’t watch TV. Can I say all Italian TV? Any given game show will have scantily clad women, clowns, and contestants wearing a space suit or something equally ridiculous. There’s probably a trained goat in there somewhere, too.
  3. What’s the strangest thing you have ever eaten? Bugs. In Cambodia, we went to a restaurant called Bugs Cafe, where they make fancy food out of bugs. Tim went all out (think tarantulas and giant water bugs), but I stuck with ant-stuffed egg rolls and silkworm-and-cricket fondue. Then I ate a pizza with mac & cheese on it. It was a banner night for food weirdness.
  4. What’s the longest piece of writing you’ve done? What was it for? My teacher work sample that I completed during my student teaching. I think it was 42 pages long, and it took me a whole semester. However, it was a lot of lesson plans and student samples, so maybe it wasn’t actually that much writing? Runner up was my 26 page research paper for my master’s degree capstone. I wrote that one in about 2 months, while finishing up the school year in a 3rd grade classroom AND getting quick orders to move to another country. I think the only way I stayed sane was that I had a loaner cat who would sit on my computer and purr.
  5. What word or phrase do you find to be most annoying? I listen to a podcast for moms and one of the girls always says “impactful”. Is that even a word? Google says it is, but it still annoys me.
  6. Name one thing you like about your other half. He loves us so much and works so hard to take care of us.
  7. What’s your hidden talent? I am very good at making a burned grilled cheese sandwich and I can also fall UP the stairs.
  8. Can you share one of your favorite posts from your blog? Can I share two? I really love The Adventures of Honey Bear because the pictures make me laugh every time. Also, the 9 Years post for our anniversary. I even surprised myself how many adventures we’ve had! I never show my husband my blog, but I showed him that post and he loved it.
  9. Android or iphone? I have an iPhone 4s, but it’s a love-hate relationship. I bought it refurbished, and it’s just so old. It won’t do updates or anything. But you know, it works. I don’t think I would get an iPhone next time, but I’m definitely not going back to a brick phone.
  10. Do you have a plan for your blog for the long run? My original plan for my blog was to be a way to get my name out there and people could contact me (and buy stuff that I make!) wherever I am in the world. That hasn’t seemed to pan out and while I still talk about sewing a lot, my blog has kind of morphed into a mommy/crafting/travel/keeping-up-with-my-family kind of blog. And I’m okay with that. But seriously, if you ever want me to make you a baby quilt (or anything else, really) I’m down with that.

    I hope you enjoyed learning a little more about me! If you have another question for me, leave it in the comments and I’d love to answer it.

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