Branching out

Before we moved to Italy, I bought a bunch of patterns and fabric for making clothes. Most of them are still sitting on my shelf because I’m intimidated by them. I did make a skirt (which I decided is awful) and my Easter dress (which is wearable, but still fits kind of weird). And cotton fabric is hard to get here, so if I ruin something, I can’t just try again.

I think I’ll just stick to quilts.

But no! A friend introduced me to PDF patterns (as opposed to the silly tissue paper ones) and sewing with knits. Of course, I stalled a bit, but once I started, I can’t stop! You guys, it’s amazing. Life-changing. And it feels so cool to go somewhere wearing clothes that I made.

So far, I’ve been using patterns only from Patterns for Pirates, but I’m just dipping my toes in. There are so many other pattern makers out there with great stuff. I’ve purposely held off researching because I only started out with 5 yards of fabric. But hopefully in the next couple days, a friend is going to take me to a local fabric store. Italians don’t do quilting fabric, but they do apparel fabric pretty well.

Here’s what I’ve made so far. Sorry for all the selfies. I’m incredibly self-involved. Just kidding, I’m actually embarrassed to ask my husband to take pictures of me. Hashtag lame.

First was the Pirate Pencil Skirt. OMG, so easy. Like maybe an hour start to finish, including cutting out the pattern. Seriously, it’s like four seams.


Then I used some fabric I decided I hated to make an Essential Tank. It was practice. It’s pretty ugly and the fabric was terrible and slide-y, but it’s wearable. I even got the stripes to match on the sides (which I hate to admit was a happy accident).


Then after I decided that wasn’t too hard, I made an Essential Tank dress. The awesome part about these patterns is that they come with several hem lengths and you can choose what you want! This one turned out way better. It’s made from double brushed poly, so it’s a little warm, but I’ll still wear it. Because I made it.


Ok, it’s time to branch out. I had some plain chocolate brown jersey knit that I used to make a shirt called the Sweet Tee. This shirt was also ridiculously easy. I mentioned last week that I made a shirt in 10 hours (it took maybe 2? Oh toddler!). The neckband got a little puckery, but I know how to fix it next time. It really looks store-bought. I’m just amazed!


I’m so proud of myself for stepping out of my comfort zone and starting to make things that I can wear! I’ll keep you guys posted because you can be sure that more will be coming.


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