Friday's Pieces

Friday’s pieces 06/30


  1. When we get the combination of rain and wind, this happens. It “Africa-ed” my car! That’s right, we get sand/dust that blows from the Sahara and coats everything. I’m going to have to wash my car before I can go anywhere! Also, don’t mind the dents, those are called “Naples kisses”- the drivers here are crazy.
  2. How is it the end of June already? Seriously. I had a minor freak-out yesterday that the days are going to start getting shorter again. Sad face.
  3. Grocery shopping this week, Noah wanted to help “push” the cart so he wasn’t sitting in the seat. At one point, I had my back turned looking at something on the shelf when he started screaming frantically. He had decided to see if he could crawl into that bottom part of the cart and got his head stuck. I was almost laughing too hard to get him out. Then on the next aisle, he climbed onto the bottom shelf and crawled the length of the shelf behind the diapers. His hysterical giggles were echoing all over the store!
  4. We went to pick up our car from the mechanic on Tuesday, and he and his wife insisted we stay for dinner. That really challenged my Italian skills, but I actually did okay! I had Italian words floating through my dreams that night. They say when you start dreaming in another language is when you become fluent, right? I’m far from fluent, but it encouraged me to start studying again.
  5. They also thought it was adorable that Noah was picking up potatoes with his hands and smashing them all over his face in his hurry to eat them.
  6. All of Noah’s birthday presents came this week! We finally got it together and remembered to order stuff early. Of course, we won’t be here on his birthday to open them, but a day late is fine too.
  7. I bought a tub of fabric from a friend who is moving and there are some real gems in there! I’m excited to use them.
  8. So no quilt block from me this week. It was so hot this week, I couldn’t bring myself to turn on the iron. I did, however, start quilting my kaleidoscope quilt. Which is also not a great activity for when it’s hot. It’s going much faster and easier than I expected, and the pattern on the back looks really cool so far.


  9. It’s almost the 4th of July! We’ll be going to the “Festa Americana” at the military-run park in an extinct (I hope) volcano. Tonight is free rides and a LIT concert (depending on how nap goes), so we’ll be living it up!
  10. I hope you have a wonderful weekend and a fantastic holiday next week (if you’re American)!

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