Friday's Pieces · Travel

Friday’s pieces, the multi-week edition


  1. We’re home! You guys, Scotland was stinkin’ amazing. Here’s a picture for you from the Isle of Skye, and I’m working on some posts for next week. I’ve been a little slow getting back into the swing of things after being gone for so long. We also all came home sick. Blergh.
  2. And here’s a bonus picture of Scotland. When I think of our trip, this single-lane road kind of sums it up. The blue sky does not, however, as it rained most of the time.


  3. Somebody small and cute turned 2 on Tuesday! We hiked to the top of Arthur’s Seat in Edinburgh, and I tried to get a good picture of him, but apparently 2 year-olds don’t stand still. Who’dathunk?
  4. And he got a tricycle for his birthday! His legs need to grow a little more to be able to pedal it properly, but he loves it. That face!


  5. It was super hot while we were gone and parts of the lawn and some of my flowers and garden died. Oh well. I’m watering everything a ton and we’ll see if I can bring anything back to life. Also, I guess Naples was in the international news because of all the fires. We’re in the middle of a drought and everything is really dry. It started with a huge fire on the side of Mt. Vesuvius, and there have been a bunch of smaller fires, mostly started by stupidity (though some arrests have been made for arson). The sky is so hazy and brown from all the smoke. Yuck.
  6. Remember the picture of my ridiculously dirty car from before we left? Well, Noah and I washed it that afternoon, but then we went to the 4th of July event and parked in a dirt lot. Then it was in a parking garage for a couple week, so now it’s covered in a fine layer of dust.
  7. Whenever we go on a trip, Noah seems to make crazy progress in some area. This time, it was talking and going up stairs. We don’t have stairs in our house, so he doesn’t get a lot of practice. Combined with fairly short legs, he has troubles with them. But, progress was made! Also, his vocabulary is expanding every day, and he definitely understands a lot more of what we are telling him.
  8. I was trying to come up with a menu and grocery list yesterday, and it’s so hard to think about cooking when it’s hot like this! What are your favorite go-to dinners in the summer?
  9. I did spend a little while yesterday planning out some summer sampler quilt blocks. I’m like five blocks behind (haha, I knew that would happen!), but I was able to kind of plan in a batch. So I have the fabrics out for a green block, the black and white block, the pink block, and the orange block. My mom sent me a green fabric and a pink fabric that are perfect for what I need, so I’m kind of glad I waited. I think I’ll try to get all the pieces cut out and then sew. Maybe I’ll get 3 blocks done this week!
  10. I hope you all have a wonderful weekend! I’ll be chilling, trying to get rid of this sickness (I’m hoping it’s a virus and not strep). Here’s another picture just because. Who doesn’t love lambs?



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