Scotland part 2- the Northwest coast

Did you miss part 1? Find it here!

After Durness, we headed south down the western coast. Like the northern coast, it was largely unpopulated, vast, and empty. And so beautiful. There were rivers, lakes, and mountains; sheep, and a ginormous sky. The clouds parted, making it even more spectacular.





We ended up that evening in the town of Poolewe (pronounced Pool-you). For dinner, we went to the larger town of Gariloch about 15 minutes away. We found a small park with toys, which was great because it had been a long day of driving and Noah needed to stretch his legs. That park also had a stand-up teeter totter, which is probably the most dangerous piece of playground equipment I’ve ever seen. Naturally, we played on that for a bit.


The next morning, we went to the Inverewe (again, Inver-you) Gardens in Poolewe. The garden and house were on the edge of the lake, so the views were beautiful. We liked walking through the different sections of the garden, based on different countries or regions, but the walled garden was our favorite, with the colorful flowers and fragrant roses. Don’t tell, but my husband is a sucker for a good rose garden.


Then we continued on to the Applecross Peninsula, back to single-track roads and tiny villages.



For some reason, Noah decided on this trip to not smile for the camera, so we resorted to bouncing and tickling and funny noises. This was the best family picture we got on the whole trip! He was excited because there were sheep just to the right of us.


We decided that cloudy Scotland is beautiful, but sunny Scotland is amazing. Am I right?


We had planned to stop in Applecross, but Noah fell asleep right before we got there, so we drove right through. There is a tall mountain range just on the other side of Applecross. This is the view from the summit, those mountains are the Isle of Skye.


The road going over the pass is single lane (of course), with passing places, though not very many. Going up on the Applecross side wasn’t too steep, but here is a picture of the road (and the switchbacks!) going down the other side.


The next day we headed to the Isle of Skye, stopping in the gorgeous village of Plockton. There wasn’t really anything to do there, including tourist shops or restaurants, but it’s so cute!


Ok, that’s it for today. I started out planning two Scotland posts, then three, but now I realize I have to do four. I hope you don’t mind.


6 thoughts on “Scotland part 2- the Northwest coast

  1. I think those photos are just breathtaking!! The tiniest bit of clouds (or half a sky of clouds) with sunshine makes the best photos!! Scotland is so photogenic!
    A stand-up teeter totter?! Insane! (But I kinda want to try it myself…)

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