Scotland part 3- The Isle of Skye

In case you missed it: part 1 and part 2.

It seemed to me that the sky on the Isle of Skye should be amazing. And it was. It was dramatic. When it was blue, it was very blue. When it rained, it poured (literally).

Noah fell asleep right after we crossed the Skye Bridge, so we decided to go out to Elgol, which is said to have the best view. It was back to the one-lane roads, and the mountains  (and the sky) were stunning.



We had lunch overlooking the water and the mountains rising out of the water. Then it was on to our Air B&B in Portree and laundry. Because you’ve gotta have clean clothes, am I right?


The next day, we drove past the Old Man of Storr, a crazy balanced rock formation, but didn’t stop because we were headed to a hike and needed to save our legs. Unfortunately, the dust on my camera lens came back.


We did stop at Kilt Rock, mostly because it didn’t involve an uphill hike to see it. There was a guy playing the bagpipes and we talked to him for a few minutes. He and Noah got along. It was a really cool place to hear the bagpipes.


Then we continued on to the Quiraing, probably the most famous hiking trail on Skye. The weather was perfect and the views were amazing.



It isn’t an overly strenuous hike, but I would call it a “medium”. There was quite a bit of uphill and lots of muddy spots. But it was definitely not the most challenging hike I’ve ever done. My husband was a champ and carried Noah in the backpack (all 32 pounds of him!) the whole way.


When you look at guide book descriptions for the Quiraing, there’s always this picture taken from the same spot. Here’s my version. When I say it was a lot of uphill… see the trail way down there? We weren’t even at the top yet.


The next day, we went to Dunvegan Castle and walked around in the gardens. The gardens were quite beautiful, and it was nice to be able to let Noah run free a little. We even got a picture with smiles! I think I was talking, but Noah was smiling and that’s what counts.



Then we went to the Glenbrittle Fairy Pools. They were beautiful and the water was so clear, but it was raining pretty hard. I can imagine they would be even more amazing in the sunshine! We were pretty soaked after that, so the rest of the afternoon was spent taking naps, drinking hot chocolate, and trying to dry out our shoes.


That’s it for today! I’ll be doing one last Scotland post on Saturday, so keep an eye out for that.


4 thoughts on “Scotland part 3- The Isle of Skye

  1. Quirang!!!! I love it!!!! You guys got farther along than we did; we got there late and had to leave before the end, sadly. Your photos are just amazing – and I think Skye is full of perfect ops! Noah looks so happy and cute!! 🙂

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