Friday's Pieces

Friday’s pieces 07/28


  1. Here we are, back at the mechanic. Seriously, car, seriously. The mechanic had a little kid chair that he uses when he’s working low on the car, but that day, he let Noah sit in it while we waited for Tim (who was stuck in traffic).
  2. We have some friends who open up their house for bbqing and using their pool every Sunday evening. It’s such a wonderful thing, and a great way to fellowship. We’ve made some new friends, and that pool feels fantastic when it’s as hot as it has been!
  3. Remember last week when I said I was sick, hoping it wasn’t strep? Well, I went to the doctor and it wasn’t, just a virus. It turned out to be the sloooooowest cold in the history of colds. Coupled with ridiculous temperatures outside, it’s been a fairly miserable week.
  4. When we gave Noah his tricycle last week for his birthday, his legs were too short- he couldn’t reach both pedals at the same time. Well, yesterday, I noticed that he could. Whaaaaat! My kid grew like an inch in a week, no joke.
  5. Wednesday was my Italian name day. Here in Italy, you get two “birthdays”- your actual birthday and the day associated with the saint whose name you have. July 26th is St. Anna’s day. Italians will often have a party and set off fireworks (think 4th of July type). I didn’t get any of that, but it’s still fun to know it’s my name day!
  6. I bought a plane ticket this week! Where to, you might ask? To Barcelona, Spain! In two weeks, I’m meeting a friend there and we’re going to have a girls-only weekend. I seriously can’t wait. As much as I loved Scotland, I’m looking forward to a trip where I’m not still cooking dinner, changing diapers, and planning our day around nap time.
  7. Noah’s vocabulary (which is expanding every day!) is baffling to me. His favorite sentence is “Daddy door” whenever Tim goes out a door. He points out circles (ke-kle) everywhere. He says “yellow” and “green” but no other colors. He recognizes the Elmo sticker on his shirt, even though we’ve never actually watched Sesame Street.
  8. You guys, I was seriously productive this week when it comes to quilt blocks (those long growing naps are money!). I got 3 blocks completely sewed and one more planned (one of the fabrics needed to be washed). Then I decided to make a shirt from a pattern I had bought before we moved. It’s cut out and ready to sew!
  9. A pattern group I’m a part of is doing a “sew a fall capsule wardrobe” contest, and I’m thinking about doing it. My only hold-up would be getting fabric. And 9 pieces of clothing in a month? I don’t know… I think my 3 quilt blocks and half a shirt in a week has made me bold.
  10. Have a great weekend, ya’ll!

3 thoughts on “Friday’s pieces 07/28

  1. Enjoy Spain!!!! What a great break for you. 🙂
    He grew so fast!! That is hilarious about reaching his pedals. They truly do grow so fast…
    Happy namesake day!! Cool to know – that’s my youngest daughter’s name, too. 🙂

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