Scotland part 4- Southern Scotland

The last few days of our trip were spent in the area south of Skye- Loch Lomond and Edinburgh. Heading south from the Skye Bridge is the iconic Eilean Donan castle. We weren’t allowed to take pictures inside, so here’s the outside. The exhibits inside were interesting and kind of like a Scottish Downton Abbey. I loved it!


Then we went on to Loch Lomond for the highland games. It poured rain all day so I didn’t take any pictures. My poor camera has been through enough. Our favorite part was the highland dancing (maybe because it was in a tent).

The next day, we went to the Blair Drummond Wild Animal Park, near the city of Stirling. It was part drive-through safari, part zoo, part amusement park, all with a castle house in the background. It was a really great idea, and Noah liked it, though he would have really loved it if he had been a year older. There was a bunch of play equipment that was just a little too big for him. It was at this zoo that we realized he recognized (and could say) goats, and that donkeys say “hee-haw”. Good going, kid!



There was a little fenced-in area with these little tractors that kids can drive around. Noah figured out the gas pedal and loved it! Tim’s running in this picture because Noah was about to run into another kid.


We continued on to Edinburgh. We stayed in an Air B&B close to the end of the Royal Mile, so it was very convenient to walk everywhere. The next day, we walked the Royal Mile to the castle, but it was so busy with tour groups, we chose not to go inside. We did, however, go to the Camera Obscura museum. It is a large lens mounted on top of a tall building that can be directed and zoomed over most of Edinburgh. The rest of the museum is displays of optical illusions, a mirror maze, and interactive activities. It was actually a lot of fun for everyone!



Isn’t that a charming family photo? Ha!

The next day was Noah’s second birthday! We climbed to the top of Arthur’s Seat, which is the high peak in the center of Edinburgh. Look at that big 2 year old! That afternoon, we packed up (our flight was super early the next morning) and then went back to the Royal Mile for some souvenirs. A dinner of fish and chips topped off this fantastic vacation.



And that’s it! I hope you enjoyed “going” to Scotland with us!


3 thoughts on “Scotland part 4- Southern Scotland

  1. What a nice family trip! You guys are serious troopers, especially Noah for going through a long trip with so many stops and car time. We enjoyed Eilean Donan, too, although it was so different than the other castles, right? I love the mirror photos you can get of the castle on the water.
    Great pictures from Edinburgh! I love how you didn’t do the typical tourist stops – if you did, Noah probably would’ve gone crazy.


    1. Yeah, Noah did great! Way better than expected, really. We did do a couple laps on the Royal Mile and the St Giles church, but that was pretty much it. Tim was sick and we were a little vacationed out. Noah and I did go shopping on Prince’s Street one evening. Primark for the win!

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