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Sewing for winter

Last night, I bought some new patterns and some fabric to get started making some winter clothes for myself. Ever since I stopped teaching, my winter wardrobe has been less than inspiring. I had professional clothes and sloppy, at-home clothes. What I really needed, and still need, are stay-at-home-mom clothes. Casual, cute, easy to wear,… Continue reading Sewing for winter



I had totally planned to share a finished quilt with you today, but that didn’t happen. Noah’s “radar” was highly sensitive this week, meaning he woke up as soon as I sat down to sew! So instead, here’s what I’m currently up to. Watching… …Parenthood. I’m in season 6 (the final season) and it’s giving… Continue reading Currently…


Girls’ weekend in Barcelona

This last weekend, I left Noah with Tim, and flew to Barcelona for a girls’ weekend with a friend. Let me tell you, it was wonderful! And seriously, a shout-out to my husband for taking a 2 year-old along to Tuscany for a wine-tasting weekend. I wouldn’t be so brave. With the exception of tickets… Continue reading Girls’ weekend in Barcelona