Friday's Pieces

Friday’s pieces 08/04

  1. Noah has discovered taking selfies on the iPad. There are probably a hundred pictures that are all combinations of his face, his hand, and the ceiling. Ha! Beware of tubby baby!
  2. Oh my gosh, you guys, it’s so hot! I have been sitting around on the couch begging Noah to not make me move. I may also be watching too much Parenthood (Noah says “Ah ah ah” in the right part of the theme song). I couldn’t have gone anywhere even if I wanted to, we don’t get our car back until today. Ok, I went grocery shopping, but that doesn’t count.
  3. We tag-teamed for that grocery shopping trip and I was able to go without Noah. I even made it to the base at 5:50, so I was able to run to the library without fear of a shrieking toddler. I only had 10 minutes, but it was long enough to grab a book about Barcelona (Rick Steves, of course) AND a novel off the new books rack.
  4. We had some of Tim’s coworkers and a couple neighbors over on Saturday for dinner. There was lots of wine and good conversation. A big part of why we chose this house was because it was perfect for entertaining, with the patio right off the kitchen. My only regret is that we don’t do it more!
  5. My mom was telling me this week that one night, something got in through the window of her guest house/art studio, opened the fridge, and ate the apples she had been using for a still life. She’s thinking it was a bear. A little scary, yes?
  6. A friend and I went to a sewing store this week, but they didn’t have knit fabric. The shop owner sent us to the local market just down the street. I got some gray french terry and some blue cotton lycra for 10 euros a meter. I thought it was a little expensive, but that’s what you’d pay in a store, right? But then we were walking back to the car and saw a remnant bin with all pieces 1 euro! I got a wine-colored piece of rayon spandex (maybe?) and a pink and gray cotton lycra, each at least a meter, for 2 euros! I will be going back, for sure.
  7. Of course, I forgot to look up the important words like “fabric” and “knit” before we went, so it was a lot of miming and saying “like this” while pointing to my shirt. You’d think I’d be better at Italian by now.
  8. My mom sent me this article about how bookshelves are the cool thing now on social media. I guess people are posting #shelfies on Instagram (I’m rolling my eyes a little) with their organized and decorated bookshelves. I still have yet to paint my bookshelf (it was a very windy early summer and now it’s too humid!), but once I do, I’ll have to share. But a #shelfie? I don’t think I can do that. It hurts my brain. Also, the shelves with all the books turned around…WHY WOULD YOU DO THAT!??! Sorry for yelling.
  9. Again, I have no quilt blocks from the sampler quilt to share with you. I do, however, have one block completely cut out and three more with the fabric chosen. I paused to make a tank to wear on my trip next week (though I added a pocket and now it’s weird, so it probably won’t go with me after all). Hopefully I can get those blocks cut out and sewed soon!
  10. I hope you have a lovely weekend! Stay cool!

2 thoughts on “Friday’s pieces 08/04

  1. Oh man, #7…. Yeah, researching before you go… That’s like me going to a frame store without measuring my picture (I’ve done that…). So funny, but you did well!
    Books backward on the shelf?! What is the point? Is that some sort of (really stupid) statement?! And #shelfies I think are just … I can’t even deal with society sometimes….

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