The old goals and the new


Since I’m a teacher at heart, I still use academic planners. For this reason, the “year” starts in August. I kind of like that better than January, anyway, since January is such a cliche time to make resolutions and life changes. Also, isn’t it easier to try new things and practice new habits when the sun is shining?

I explained last year about how my Bloom planner had a page for writing down goals for the year. I love this! I was so excited to get my new planner this year (and I had a terrible time choosing, they’re all so pretty!) and write some goals. That is not an affiliate link, I just really love these planners. Most of my goals aren’t really that different from last year, but every year is different, ya know? And the goals I accomplished last year aren’t necessarily going to be written-down goals for this year because they’re part of my life now. And, as always, I’m sharing my goals with you to help keep myself accountable.

But before we get to the new goals, let’s take a look at how I did last year:

Daily devotions. I think this was the only goal I totally rocked. Spending some quiet time in the morning has really been great. I’ve read some wonderful and thought-provoking books and I think the habit is firmly in place.

More cooking. I would say I did a pretty good job of this. I’ve been trying new recipes, using my cookbooks, and trying to introduce more variety into our diet. Win!

Sewing and blog. My blogging schedule was written on one of the notes pages in last year’s planner, so it’s been a year? With the exception of the two weeks we were in Scotland, I’ve done a decent job of keeping up the blog. And because I want to share projects, it kind of forces me to keep sewing. I’ve done some amazing stuff this year and learned a lot.

Pilates 3x a week. I didn’t do this for a long time, but at some point in the winter, I downloaded the YouTube app on the playstation so I could do Pilates on the TV. So much easier than trying to angle the iPad just right! I was doing it five times a week until I did something to my neck and stopped for a few days. Sadly, that was all I needed to get out of the habit.

Read 100 books. Ah hahahahahahahahahahaha!!!!!! Man, I’m funny. Hilarious! I made it to just over 40. I guess I don’t know how people have families, run successful blogs, read other peoples’ blogs, keep up with their blogging craft (sewing, cooking, etc.), AND have time to read zillions of books a year. But I digress. Really, I’m just glad that I kept track of the books I read. I’ll do a post about it next week.

Get conversational in Italian. Well, I gave it the old college try… and then I got busy with other things. I did finish an entire Italian book and try practicing with some friends. Eh. Languages really aren’t my gifting and I always had more interesting things to do?

Make mommy friends. Yes! After a move, it’s always a challenge to find your group, your “family”, if you will. But I think I did! We have several friends who live close by with kids that are Noah’s age, and some of us even have similar hobbies. We get together often and always have a great time. Really, the friends make the place you live home, am I right?

Have Noah adventure time. Um, no, I didn’t do this. It wasn’t practical. It didn’t go with his sleeping schedule. I never had ideas of where to go. I wasn’t too upset about dropping this goal.


Ok, so now in with the new! (Happy new year?)

Read 50 books. Soooo much more reasonable. Still a challenge, but a reasonable one.

Improve conversational Italian. Because life. I need to be able to communicate what I want at the market or be able to make small talk at dinner. I have a good vocabulary, I just need to practice the sentence-making and coming up with words automatically.

Pilates 5x a week. Forgive me, but I’m not going to start this immediately. It’s darn hot, even at 7 am, and our AC is lame. But in September? I know that I can do it five times a week, and I feel so much better when I do.

Eat healthfully, plenty of protein. Sometimes I revert to pop tarts and chips for a snack. I mean, that’s okay every now and then, but almonds and a cheese stick are just as easy! I feel way better when I get enough protein in my diet, so I need to get back to being purposeful about it.

Keep up the blog. Sometimes I feel like I’m running out of ideas, but I really love the blogging community. I want to keep it up! I have written some sewing goals, which will help keep me on track, and I’ll share those soon.

Communication and controlling my temper. Is this a little too personal? I’m a little embarrassed just writing it! I know let my temper get the better of me more often than not, and then communication breaks down. Funny how those two are connected. I know that both those things are controlled through practice.

Adventures. I’d like to try the Noah adventures again. He is requiring less sleep than last year, so I think it’s more feasible. Every week is too much, but maybe twice a month? Also, I’ve got a girls’ weekend this week (OMG, CAN’T WAIT!!!), and I’d like to keep doing them. Mama needs to recharge, too!

So let’s all raise our cups of tea… here’s to another year of growing! *clink* And to goals! *clink*


6 thoughts on “The old goals and the new

  1. I’ve never been a big fan of setting goals in January and you are SO RIGHT about the summer sunshine helping! 😀
    Reading is such a challenging activity as a mom, nice work on getting to 40!! I read like five, lol.

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