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Sewing goals

So I shared some overall life goals with you earlier this week, but what are my specific sewing goals? I feel the need to share them because that will help keep me on track and focused on the projects I want to be working on. My hope is that it will keep me from bouncing around (I have at least 4 projects on my floor right now) and actually finish something!


Finish t-shirt quilt. The most tedious part of this is done (ironing on the interfacing). I just need to clear away all my other projects so I can spread it out and start sewing the blocks together. I think subconsciously I’m a little mad at this quilt because my old sewing machine died while I was working on it. That’s so ridiculous! But I do need to finish it because I have another one to do (my friend gave me two!), and I swore to myself that I would do them before we moved again.

Summer Sampler quilt. You know I’ve been plodding along with this one, even though I’m sooooo behind. I guess I’ll only be 3 blocks behind if I can finish the one I’m doing today. But seriously, guys, this block is breaking my brain. Anyway, I’m putting this quilt on my goal list because I can see myself finishing all the blocks and then never actually making it into a quilt.

Kaleidoscope quilt. I’m so lame, I stopped about halfway through quilting this one. Can I blame the heat? Nobody wants to be quilting a quilt when it’s 100° outside (and at least 80° inside my semi-air conditioned house).

Bloom Where You are Planted quilt. Ok, so I don’t think I’ll actually finish this quilt this year, but I’d like to get really going on it. I currently have 6 blocks and it needs to be twin sized. I had a neat idea about it, though, which I’ll share at a later time once I’ve actually done some planning.

Tim’s triangle quilt. Just over a year ago, we had had enough of interrupted sleep and went from a queen bed to two twin beds pushed together. It’s amazing. But the quilt I had made for us is queen sized, so now I’m using the quilt I made in high school and Tim is using my old pink quilt my mom made for me when I was a little kid. I think he deserves a newer, more manly quilt. I was showing him some ideas I had collected on Pinterest, and he really liked this triangle quilt. Looks easy enough, right?


Clothes. It’s no secret that I’m now obsessed with making clothes. The only thing that is holding me back from making ALL THE CLOTHES is that it’s kind of hard to get knit fabric here. But I found some at a market last week, and once it’s cooler and this part of August is over (all of Italy goes on vacation in early August), I’m going to start stalking that market and another one I know that has fabric. The pattern group that started this obsession is hosting a sew a fall mini capsule contest right now. I couldn’t do the actual contest because of a lack of fabric, but I do plan to make some winter clothes soon.

Scrapbooking. Ok, so this isn’t sewing, but last year I started scrapbooking all the brochures and ticket stubs from our world travels. I got it down to where all I had left was stuff from Southern Italy (which is kind of a lot!), but now I have Israel, my last trip to London, and Scotland. It’s starting to be a disorganized pile that keeps getting mixed in with quilt blocks.

What about you, do you have crafting goals?


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