Friday's Pieces

Friday’s pieces 08/12


  1. Last Friday, I was sitting on the living room floor cutting out quilt pieces while Noah played. Suddenly, I had a toddler and two tractors in my lap. Then I remembered why I don’t cut fabric when he’s awake. While I’m writing this, he’s sitting next to me, looking at the picture and yelling “TOE!”
  2. Guys, it’s been hot. Like over 100. I read an article the other day about how they named this heatwave “Lucifer”. I wish I was kidding. Some countries in Europe have even recommended that their residents refrain from drinking alcohol (it’s dehydrating). Even the water in our friends’ pool was hot, kind of like taking a bath.
  3. I admit that I did zero cleaning this week, other than keeping up with the dishes. The heat is draining, ya know? So please forgive me for my dirty house.
  4. The other day, Noah went on a playing/destruction rampage and emptied a tub of blocks, a tub of duplos, took all the books off his bookshelf, and mostly broke his box fort. Holy cow, child. So this is Two. Note: this happened several times with the refusal to pick them up, so the duplos and blocks are in time
  5. We watched the movie Annie this week. Somehow Tim, who likes musicals, had never seen it and Noah absolutely adores it. It’s such a fun family movie!
  6. Speaking of movies, it was announced this week that ITV will be making a new Pride & Prejudice series! This one is supposed to be a little bit darker, a little more in tune with Austen’s sarcasm and dark humor. Do I really have to wait for 2020?
  7. And because I’m a sucker for all things Jane Austen, I had to follow the link at the end of that article to see “The Real-Life Mr. Darcy”. I stubbornly refuse to believe that he looked like that! Colin Firth and Matthew McFadden all the way.
  8. I whipped up a circle skirt out of some soft double brushed poly on Saturday. I only need like a thousand more of these in my life!
  9. By the end of last Friday, I had 4 sampler quilt blocks cut out. This was a short week (because vacation, yo!), but I still got two blocks done. Here is the blue/purple (6″) Spring Star and the light pink Princess Cut Star. That Princess Cut Star broke my brain. It is made up of 8 paper-pieced triangles, with A and B being mirror images (so B was done backwards from A). The four A triangles were fine, but by the time I got to B, I was sewing fabric on backwards and couldn’t get it to cover the paper! I had one triangle left and I had to stop for the day so I didn’t throw it out the window! I finally got it done and it looks amazing, but I doubt I’ll try that pattern again.P1190177
  10. I’m in Barcelona today, having a fabulous time! I hope you all have a great weekend, and I’ll see you next week.

4 thoughts on “Friday’s pieces 08/12

  1. Enjoy your Barcelona trip!!
    OMG, A NEW PRIDE & PREJUDICE?!!! I am in heaven!! I don’t know what ITV is, but I hope we get that in the States. And I saw that contemporary Mr. Darcy pic and was pretty disappointed, too. I’m a Firth girl! I disliked what the McFadden/Kneightly movie did with Austen’s dialogue, but I still liked what McFadden did with his character.
    Keep cool and don’t worry about housework until the heat breaks! Yowzers…

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    1. Barcelona was amazing! But more about that later. 😀
      I think ITV is another British station, kind of like BBC. And I’m sure they will put it in DVD for the rest of the adoring world. I agree that the newer version killed the dialogue, but I still love watching it for the music and cinematography.
      By the time I got home, Lucifer had gone back to where he came from. Whew! Now to get on with life again.

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  2. Hope you have fun in Barcelona! It is nice an cool here now. Hope we can catch up next week. Olivia told me she wants to learn how to sew. Are you interested in doing a tutorial? I think the quilt squares you did are amazing! Hurts my brain to think about trying to figure that out.

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