Friday's Pieces

Friday’s pieces 10/13

Better late than never… my computer refused to acknowledge the internet until just now. Thank you for fixing it, computer fairies.


  1. We put together Noah’s toddler bed on Friday and he took a nap on it that day. But then he got sick and hasn’t slept on it again. That’s okay because he hasn’t climbed out of his crib again. We still have time before he gets evicted from his crib.
  2. So yeah, he got sick. He had a 102° fever Friday-Sunday. Poor kid! After the fact, I figured out it was most likely a mild case of hand-foot-mouth. Was that even a thing when we were kids? How have I never heard of it until now?
  3. We were going stir-crazy by Sunday afternoon, so we put him in tons of clothes and went down to the lungomare for a walk. I don’t even know how to translate that… maybe a walking park? It literally means “along the sea”. We took his tricycle and he loved it, even though he was still sick. (He hasn’t quite figured out how to pedal, but Tim had the genius idea to use a rope to pull him.) We had pizza for dinner at a new place that is supposed to be the best, and it was pretty good! Tim had a pizza with pumpkin cream sauce, zucchini flowers, bacon, and provolone cheese. It was good, but a little odd.

  4. Oh gosh, and then I got sick. Seriously. Fortunately, it’s just a cold and not a very bad one. Really, the worst part of it is that the coughing has reactivated my morning sickness, which finally went away in the last week or two. Sigh.
  5. On a related note, aren’t you glad it’s tea season again? And I mean more than just a cup of tea in the morning. It’s the time of year when a cup of tea in the afternoon is the best.
  6. I read a blog that had directions for making stained glass leaf suncatchers out of coffee filters. Noah and I did it yesterday, and it was so fun! I originally colored the entire leaf shape, but Noah’s random marks actually looked better when it was finished. The completely colored ones came out darker, but they’re all cool looking. It was totally the perfect activity for a two year old.fall leaves
  7. Remember I told you last week about changing a pattern a little to make a dolman shirt less dolman-y? Well, it worked, and it’s great! Dressy enough for church or something nice, lots of room in the belly, and I can still wear a cardigan over it. Pictures to follow soon.
  8. Because it’s fall, don’t you just want to eat all the soup? I made this Olive Garden Chicken Gnocchi Soup this week and it was really good. It was much less salty and probably a lot healthier than the restaurant version. And it made a ton! I realized after the fact that I forgot to put the spinach in, but that’s okay. I have a love-hate (mostly hate-hate) relationship with cooked leafy greens.
  9. Does anyone have any recommendations for TV shows (on Netflix or Amazon) to watch? Obviously, nothing scary or crime-y. We really enjoyed Downton Abbey and Anne With an E, but now we’re at a loss.
  10. We’re going to try again to get out and go do something fall-y this weekend. I hope it happens!

3 thoughts on “Friday’s pieces 10/13

  1. Poor Noah… Our littlest got HFM late spring, probably from her her big sister – who strangely didn’t present symptoms (not all kids do, apparently). I didn’t know about it before then, either. Was Noah’s case too bad? Puff didn’t have hand or foot blisters, just in her mouth (which were bad enough!).
    Do you think you’d like The Man In The High Castle? It’s on Amazon. It’s an alternative reality to WWII – if Japan/Germany won. The first two seasons were interesting. My husband likes Sherlock, but that’s pretty crime-y, I guess. I love watching the English history series – Bristish Castles is fun! But then again I’m an English history nerd. Loved Downton!!

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    1. It wasn’t bad at all. He had one spot on a foot and a couple spots on his hands, but they were tiny and never blistered. But he wouldn’t let me look in his mouth. It was just the temperature that we were so concerned about. Like a good boy, he slept it off and is back to normal now.
      Oh wow, my husband would love that WWII show. I quit Sherlock after a particularly scary episode. English history is my favorite, too!

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