A sample menu

I promise, this blog is not turning into a food blog.

In fact, I have some sewing posts (like a lot!) coming up for you soon.

But really, I’ve been raving about my meal schedule, and I figured it might be a helpful visual if I gave you a sample 2-week menu. You know, so you can see how it works. In order to make my menus fit the themes, I’ve been doing a lot of Pinteresting. Well, that and I can’t even remember what I used to make for dinners. How lame is that? So for now, menu-planning is taking some time, but I know it will get faster once I don’t have to search for recipes.

My binder has been started, and when I find a recipe that we liked, I print it out and add it. I need to get a good recipe base down by the time this baby makes an appearance. It will just make life easier. Not that I am assuming that having two kids will be easy. Or having a toddler and a newborn will be easy. (Hold on while I hyperventilate for a moment.)

Anyway, since a lot of these are new recipes, I’ll try to share the link. I said try… our computer decided today was a lovely day to not find the internet, so I’m using the laptop I bought in 2010. The battery does not work and it took so long to turn on that I drank a whole cup of tea AND washed a sinkful of dishes while I was waiting. Let’s just say it’s slow. Granted, it got me through 5 years of grad school, so I guess I can’t be too mad at it.

So as a reminder, here is the schedule I have settled on for now.

meal schedule 2

And here is my menu. I go grocery shopping on Tuesdays, so it started yesterday.

Tuesday- Mushroom and ham quiche, croissants (from a can)

Wednesday- Roasted chicken, potatoes, and brussels sprouts

Thursday- Grilled cheese and tomato soup

Friday- Chicken fajitas (homemade taco seasoning) (We have the trunk or treat that night and might eat there, in which case this will be moved to Sunday. See how that works?)

Saturday- go out

Sunday- lunch (potluck at church)- Moroccan chicken and couscous, dinner- frozen pizza  or Friday’s dinner (if we’re hungry!)

Monday- Asian sesame chicken with rice and veggies (This will get rid of two almost-empty bottles of salad dressing in the fridge. I wonder why I have no space…)

Tuesday- Pumpkin banana bread, scrambled eggs

Wednesday- Cheesy taco pasta

Thursday- Chicken noodle soup (in the crockpot, and with the stuff she leaves out)

Friday- Chicken curry pita pockets

Saturday- grill (we HAVE to use up some of those burgers in the freezer before they take over)

Sunday- leftovers OR frozen chicken-veggie-pasta meal

Monday- Pot roast and mashed potatoes, some sort of vegetable depending on what we have

By the way, I write my menus down in my planner because it is always open on the kitchen table. And it helps for when I’m planning meals because I can see what’s happening that day and plan accordingly. Some people write it on a whiteboard on the fridge (I used to, back in the day). Whatever you do, write it down. If you just keep it in your head, you’ll forget and revert back to cereal and PB&J.

So there you are, a menu schedule in action. I hope that I have encouraged you to try it out!


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